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The re arrest of the convener of Revolution now movement,comrade Omoyele Sowore inside a federal high court in Abuja by officers of the DSS has been described as an affront on the judiciary and desecration of the temple of justice as he is still under the bail of a court in the same jurisdiction..


In the same vein,a call has gone to the chief justice of the federation to summon the Director General of the DSS for questioning over the unholy display of power by his officers and men ,while those involved in the desecration of the court should be made to face the full wrath of the law,failure will invariably lead to more act of impunity in future.

Reacting to the invasion of the court on Friday to the arrest of comrade Sowore,the Executice Director , Centre Against Injustice and Domestic Violence (CAIDOV), Comrade Gbenga Soloki appealed to president Muhammadu Buhari to call the leadership of the DSS to order and stop them from ridiculing our country by the naked display of power,stressing that since the accused has been admitted to bail,any other issue or matter should be left in the purview of the court rather than the unruly manner in which he was abducted in the court,by gun wielding men of the secret service.


According to the CAIDOV boss” the re arrest of Comrade Sowore in the premisses of a court this morning barely few hours he was released by the DSS on the order of a court having perfected his bail is condemnable, irresponsible and a desecration of the hallowed temple of justice. The DSS acted in bad manner by invading the court to re arrest Sowore who just left their custody in about twelve hours in a war like manner.
Its so sad and a reminder of our past under the military,Mr President should as a matter of urgency and national interest call the DG of DSS to order so as not to further expose the country to ridicule by the display of power to re arrest an accused person who is on bail. ”

Continuing” the chief judge should summon the DG DSS and ensure he produces those to have invaded a court of law so that the appropriate punitive measures be meted out to them to serve as deterrent.”

The group equally urge Nigerians to demand for adherence to the rule of law at all times and that any arm of government that violates due process must be exposed..


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