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Corona virus remains the greatest threat to the extinction of humanity in the present world.


The Virus has vividly explained the equality of man in this world.

The anatomy of human is one and the same whether black, white, brown, red or any colour.
For now, there is no scientific breakthrough to stem the tide. The global practice that is effective is to change our social habit so as to prevent mass passing of the virus.


In Third World Countries, the virus caught us unprepared because our health care system is poor, poor and poor. Our housing system is poor, poor and poor. Our hygiene system is poor, poor and poor. As a matter of fact the unspeakable parlous condition of our people is as result of years of elite conspiracy of executive robbery of our common wealth against the downtrodden.

In the Third World Countries, people are the direct victims of the organised crime of the power wielders.
Now, the deliquent rulers of the Third World Countries are providing the antidote of the First World Counties to fight a common threat to humanity.

In a country where the majority of the citizens live below 1USD per day lockdown may be a surest way to pass on before the infection of COVID 19.
And we have right to life. If the state through its omission or commission terminates the lives of its citizens, this is surely a violation of fundamental right of the victim right to life.
Now, we are in a dilemma. I suggest that we should cooperate with one another to get out of this big hole that is digging deeper and deeper every day of our existence. This is the time for the rich to support the poor.

Most importantly, the government at all levels should concede the sharing of palliative to the local governments to be supervised by the States governments.
I know that our local governments are closer to the grassroots, they have the streets names and the people who duel in the streets.
Equally, it is the time to live with what we have. This is not the time for high taste.
I admonish our people not to be greedy. If you know that you are not a poor person, do not put your burdens on the government. If you do so, you are really wishing yourself a reversal of fortune.

Let us all stay safe. After the interregnum, let us all make it a historical responsibility to demand for a new social deal and turn the table against our rulers.


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