Domestic Violence – Violators on the run

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Domestic Violence – Violators on the run
The increase in several instances of of attack on women in our society has led to the present synergy by Rights Activists and some government bodies to tackle the menace.


Although not so much has been achieved as most men still
see themselves as superior head that should always rule over women as in king to slave.

To Abusive Men:
If your justification for beating your spouse is because of provocation, then you are insane. Why? Is your mother a woman? What level of provocation will make you slap your mother?
I guess none. why can’t you exercise the same restraint with your spouse? There is no excuse for violent against women.


Relationship, the good news however is that the Nigerian environment, just like some other civilized countries in the world, is no longer a save heaven fro women attackers.
Mr. Shonde, an averagely economically comfortable Nigerian had to flee his home after allegedly attacked his wife, a banker and this led to her death.

Now in police custody at Panti SCID, he was persuaded to surrender himself to law by comrade Gbenga Soloki, the Executive Director Campaign Against Injustice
and Domestic Violence CAIDOV.

According to a statement as reported by the Director, Mr. Shoande was contemplating committing suicide, having realized the enormity of his offence. Mr. Soloki however put into effect, the strong network of tracking violators to the effect
that the accused surrendered himself to the police.
Also a recent victim of attack by a man is Mrs. Tijani Olaide Adeola who is lucky to be alive today among few others.
According to her story which is widely spread on Facebook before it got to the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda, she was stabbed by a neighbor who is a relative of her landlord.

“He was standing on the road and I wanted to go inside the house, but said the key am holding touched him. The next thing I heard was a slap. I wanted to quickly go to the police station to report him, but he broke a bottle
of beer and stabbed me” she stated. She was however rescued by other neighbors who rushed her to the hospital.

The alleged attacker is presently at large since the incident while the matter is pending at Olosan Police Station Mushin.

Among other bodies in which the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda is collaborating with to tackle the menace of domestic violence is the Lagos State ministry of Justice where several cases are presently being handled


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