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Dear Mr Akpata,

After Taking Another Candidate’s Presidential Mandate, Why are you angry?

In view of the highly discredited election process you should know that a petition or petitions would follow. Why are you
angry? Mr Dele Adesina SAN submitted his petition to the Board of Trustees (your sponsor Alege SAN is a trustee what are you afraid of?) and prior thereto Adesina SAN also petitioned ECNBA calling for the cancellation such that the electoral process would begin afresh considering that it was extremely shambolic.

You should not be angry at him for not congratulating you. Mr Dele Adesina SAN South West believes the election was rigged. Brother Joseph Okutepa SAN North believes the election was rigged. Your Midwest sister Carol Ajie believes the election was rigged.

Egbe Amofin endorsed Adesina. Northern Lawyers Forum endorsed Adesina. Your own forum, the Midwest forum of which I am the pioneer National Coordinator did not endorse you, Brother Olu Akpata.

Where did your 9,000 plus computer generated votes come from? Diasporan Branch? But NBA NEC has not approved Usoro-Diaspora Branch as Nigeria has no high court in diaspora yet to premise it as stipulated by the NBA Constitution. What is the Branch code for the Diasporan Branch? Who are the officers?

You may know somethings are indefensible which is why Adesina called for cancellation of the process to enable us cleanse the augean stable so that we will practice what we preach as Nigeria’s foremost noble and learned association. Would not permit you to mount the NBA mantle unless the questions asked by all of us, are answered satisfactorily. Trust me!

When we started NBA work you were probably in HSC. Where were you when Adesina was the Chairman of a large and active Branch, in secondary school? I don’t mean to belittle anyone but if someone has paid his or her dues they have paid their dues fully and a junior candidate cannot just jump over the most senior in an election that has been rigged and discredited. That is so unfair! What has the presidential candidate done to deserve being blasted by you acting through 3rd party your Aide?.

If the election were fair and free of Usoros manipulations my humble self a pious servant of God would acknowledge it. You may not be congratulated until the thorny issues are reconciled please don’t be angry and start plotting things as we are in a democracy, right?


Attorney Carol Ajie

Copy to NBA Members


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