Don’t Frustrate Lagosians into Terrorism

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Don’t Frustrate Lagosians into Terrorism
The group Warns Governor Ambode Over Demolition Of Mosafejo Community
The Human right MOnitoring Agenda (HURMA) with the Lagos Sate Leader of Committee for the Defence Of Human Rights (CDHR) and African Yougth Coalition against injusticeand impunity,


AYCAII have appealed to the Lagos State government to resettle the victims of Mosafejo village demolition back to their land.

Members of the community and the Human Rights group recently protested the Demolition of the over 100 years old community and its attendanct pains.


An 83 years old man, Pa Akanbi George, one of the residents whose houses were affected died shortly after the demolition.
Accordint to the narration of one of the childred of the deceased, Mr. Peter George, the CDA Chairman, his father’s death was as a result of brutality suffered in the hands of the members of the Lagos State Task Force
team who stormed their community in the midnight and forcibly ejected them from their housewith beatings and the accompanying homelessness the octogenarian was subjected to.

According to him, since January 17, when the police had inflicted injuries on the old man, he had remained sick and helpless.

He called on the government to investigate the matter and bring to book the alleged culprits, who he accused of taking laws into their
hands by brutalizing unharmed Nigerians.

the briefing was attended by affected residents who carried placards with various inscription such as “Our rights to Life ,ust be protected”, “Don’t turn us to terrorists”, among others.
A 75 years old visually impaired man, PA Alade Irawo, who was also a victim, advised Government AkinwunmiAmbode, to tread with caution and rebuild the demolished village.

The septuagenarian said that since his house was demolished about a month ago, he was yet to ahve a place to lay his head and had been living ar=t the mercy of Nigerians

Irawo who claimed to have been living in the demolished community since 1940’s, can demolish their houses with only seven days notice.
“We are good citizen of this state; we pay our land use charge and other money demanded by the government. During election, the APC came to us and begged us to vote for them and we did,
but what we have in return is to have our houses demolished without any alternative solution.
“Since my house was demolished, I have not set my eyes on my Family, I have been wearing only one clothe since all my properties were destroyed in the demolition, and I have been sleeping outside while surviving at the
mercy of good Nigerians. ” call on Governor Ambode to take a second look at our plight and return our lands back to us, or he relocate us to another palce”.
Another victim of the demolition, a retired Assistant Commissionaer of Police, Ezefedikwa Clement also called also called on the state government to return them back to their land as well.
The retired ACP said his labor during his service in Nigeria police has been destroyed with the demolition of his house in this area.

“I have my C-ofO and other titles documents. All we are calling for his for the community to be restored and properety retured to the original owners”.


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