GOV. Ambode Goofed, Only His Elite Friends Will Vote Him In 2019, Not Masses — Comrade Buna

GOV. Ambode Goofed, Only His Elite Friends Will Vote Him In 2019, Not Masses — Comrade Buna


The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) is compelled to address the question been rumoured around about the unstable second term ambition and endorsement of the Lagos state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.


Remaining silent on such germane issue would be of great disservice to our liberation struggle of the oppressed from all forms of exploitation and injustice.


It is highly disheartened how Gov. Ambode could confidently boast or dream of any favourable vote from the crying masses in Lagos come 2019.



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We in HURMA can boldly say that from most reports from our various units across the State, that only the bourgeois capitalist friends of Ambode, who mostly benefited from his daily oppressive policies in the state will vote him, come 2019.


The present reality is that the Governor, is gradually falling victim of the same process that brought him into power and has sustained him till date. It is however our duty as a pro-people organization, to seize the present contradiction within the ruling class for the purpose of advancing popular struggle of the suffering masses.


Ambode should not deceive himself with false encomium of praises from some acclaimed members the civil society over certain elitist elephant projects, which never advance the cause of the poor majority.


It is important we inform the public that many poor Lagosians are presently rejoicing, out of hope that the removal of Ambode, if succeeded, would alleviate their suffering which got increased from certain policies of exploitation and oppression from Ambode.


Finally, we are stating categorically that due to the inconsistency of the capitalist ruling class which may end soon via a revolutionary move, Ambode might still become next Governor under whatever disguise, but we shall never relent in fighting and mobilising our people against the injustice under Ambode until victory is achieved.

History shall vindicate the just.


Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak

Executive Director

Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA)

08038040123; 09021276592.

[email protected]

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