HERDE MENTALITY Controversial Appointment of Festus Adedayo, By Senate President of Nigeria, and Division of Labour– Opinion By Comrade Adeola Soetan (Baba Sho) – Rights Monitors

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”Festus Adedayo Vs the Abobaku Mob


When I wrote sometimes ago that many of these fanatical supporters of APC and PDP have ceased to be party members but sect members literally sworn to oath of silence, close mindedness, selective blindness and thumb hostaging, I never knew that their degeneration has fallen below that of pathetic Zombies.

If not, how can educated people from APC ranch come so low to demand that sychophancy, blind loyalty to party and the president should be the basic qualifications for public appointment?
When has it become the norm that a mob of cheerleaders should determine who the president, vp, senate president or governors should appoint as aides if they find them qualified. And where is it in the constitution or public service ethics that only Abobakus, those cheap human commodities without scruple, should serve in government? Ridiculous! What an exaggerated sense of entitlement?


Shall we remind these pathetic elements that the office of the senate president is distinct and independent of the presidency? Although with this unnecessary outcry that greeted the appointment of Dr. Festus Adedayo as a media adviser to the Senate President, they are trying to create the impression that that office is a mere appendage of the presidency.

The senate president is very free to appoint whomever he feels is qualified to work for him in as much the person does not have any criminal record. It doesn’t matter whether the person is his critic or a critic of the president, or what some blind loyalists have termed ‘enemy of the president’ Same thing applies to the president or any political office holder.

By this their anal logic that critic is an enemy, it can then be extended to mean that Aisha Buhari is also an enemy of her husband having openly criticized her husband’s government’policies, actions and inactions on many occasions. If these Abobakus have their ways they would have called on Buhari to divorce her beautiful wife because she refused to join the Abobaku sect bonded by oath of morbid silence and selective blindness in the face of national problem.

By the way, what has Festus written on his column that has not been written or that is not a subject of discussion daily at vendor stands, communities, markets, homes, bus stops, schools and offices?

No journalist worthy of the watchdog profession or any public spirited commentator would not have criticized the precarious state of security, economy, social infrastructure, national stability, rule of law and other burning issues that this government has not been able to address substantially as promised when it came to power. If you have decided not to see and hear evil because of your partisanship, appreciate those whose minds and lips have not been sealed, because they speak for the powerless and the vulnerable as they speak truth to power whatever their motives.

Dr. Ruben Abati was a major critic of Jonathan regime. He made scratching criticism of the clueless government on his national interest column in the Guardian newspaper. Yet, Jonathan appointed him as his media adviser. The motives and what became of Abati, a top flight brilliant journalist thereafter is another issue. But what Jonathan had gracefully displayed was that your critic on national issues is not your enemy and that in a democracy leaders must be tolerant to opposing views.

After election governance begins in earnest. No serious public office holder will surround himself with a retinue of ‘yes men’ ‘tuale, all correct sir’ sycophants because a nation does not develop with such breed.
Cheerleaders should stop over rating themselves as if they are more patriotic or have more stake in the Nigerian project.

There is division of labour and there is time for everything. When it is time to use Abobakus, your leaders will decide and call on you at the appropriate time. Don’t feel that you have been used and dumped after the elections. There will still be many solidarity rallies, media hopping and social media bullying to defend every anti – poor policies of federal and your state governments. Wait for your turn, stop drinking overdose of anointing oil or ‘hantu’ because of desperation for political appointment.

Stop looking for qualitative appointment desperately. If you merit it and you are qualified beyond your sychophancy, quality appointment will definitely search for you.

Festus Adedayo said he never lobbied for his appointment and he had even decided to accept or not. So you can see the difference.

Do I need to say more? No please. Let me just sip my ‘Ologbojo’ and sleep.”


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