I Will Continue to Serve Humanity in Politics After Leaving Office: Hon Olowo Rotimi LSHA ~ Rights Monitors

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The Honourable member of Lagos State House of Assembly for Somolu Constituency 1, Hon. Rotimi Olowo has pledged to dedicate his entire life to service to the people even after vacating his present office after completion of his tenure on May 29th, 2023.
This was made during an open street interview conducted by Rights Monitors News at the polling unit center of Hon. Rotimi Olowo in Somolu after casting his vote on Saturday 18th of March, 2023.


Hon. Olowo Rotimi Emmanuel is presently spending his 4th terms which is 16 years as representative of the Somolu Constituency, yet many are still calling for his attention while some are of the opinion that new blood should be given an opportunity.

After casting his vote, Honourable Rotimi Olowo said he is Hopeful that his successor, the coming administration of Hon. Abiodun Orekoya will continue to build on his existing tremendous project of building people’s future


“Though I will be vacating the office of the Lagos House of Assembly for Somolu Constituency 1 for the next elected person to take charge whom we are hopeful will continue to work on the tremendous foundation I have so far laid, I will only be out of office but remain in politics to ensure the people do not suffer and they all get the true dividends of Democracy, otherwise we shall continue alignment of available polical calculus till the end of such tenure when we shall ensure that true peoples’ representative take charge”.

While responding to we reports of some violent attack on people across the state as reported to the office of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) Hon. Olowo condemned the act. He described it as undermining democratic system of government.
He told Mr. Taofeek Okutade and Monsur Akinremi of Rights Monitors News:

“The joy of winning in Democratic elections comes from how free, fair, credible and peaceful the election is. It is a confirmation of the free will of the people to give you their mandate to serve them as political and democratic leader. Such pride is lose when the process is turned to war front where political opponents and supporters are attacked.”


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