Ikorodu Lagos Curfew: Residents Send SOS to Human Rights Monitoring Agenda, HURMA – Rights Monitors

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Some concerned residents of Ikorodu in Lagos State have sent an urgent SOS letter to the office of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda to request for all possible assistants from the body to bring all achievable relief to them.


The letter titled “URGENT SOS LETTER ON NO MOVEMENT IN IKORODU”, dated Monday, August 21, 2023 and addressed to the Executive Director at Rights Monitors Central office in Lagos was signed by one Mr. Olu Aluko and A. Akinremi. The duo in the letter claim to be Concerned Members of Christians and Muslims People of Ikorodu.

The people in the letter call on the Human Rights Community to please assist members of the community because their lives and properties is seriously not save, and the state not doing expected necessary things to check the excesses of the perpetuators.


The SOS letter reads in parts:

“The Monarch recently declared a 2-day dust to dawn curfew and openly warning people, especially Non-Yoruba indigenes to stay off Ikorodu town between 10p.m and 5:30a.m on Saturday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 22 because they want to celebrate this year Eluku Festival.

“We can say from past experiences that this their celebration is always avenue to oppress people. They use the avenue to harass our women and steal our properties. We are in serious bondage and the state is treating it as if it is normal thing.

“We are calling on the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda to please come to our rescue. We believe in a secular state like Lagos, people should practice their desired religions without infringing on other people’s rights”.

The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda will take urgent step to reach out to necessary authorities to ensure that the people are well responded to and get desired relief.


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