Lagos APC Fast Becoming a Demon:Victims of Oba-Akran Commercial Complexes Lock-Up Cry Out- Rights Monitors

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Some affected innocent workers on Oba Akran Road who are recent victims of commercial complexes lock-up, as ordered by the Lagos State government, have accused governor Babajide Samwo-Olu of violation of people’s fundamental rights, recklessly with impunity. According to report sent to office of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA), with pictures of some affected buildings, the attitude of the state government to have ahindered movement of people in their commercial area for mere request of Approved Plan of buildings that have been in existence for decades, is mere self help on the government part. “Workers on Oba Akran Road occupying Plots 142, 144 and other commercial complexes were surprised to see the officers of the Ministry of Physical Planning Lagos, padlocking the buildings on Oba Akran which hindered the movement of people in the commercial complexes. “The reason for the obnoxious lock-up we learnt was due to the failure of the owners of the buildings to produce the Approved Building Plans of the affected buildings. “Most of the buildings have been in existence for decades. But now a government that must have supervised the initial construction of the buildings is now subjecting people to unnecessary pains. “Must the government unnecessarily task the populace to produce the documents in their custody in such unlawful way?” On enquiry, the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda HURMA media team “Rights Monitors,” was able to get the document served on the affected premises, just few days ago before the obnoxious enforcement. The state government action remained condemned by the leadership of HURMA. The Executive Director of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda HURMA, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak maintained that the government can not be a judge in their own cause. “Considering the pains transparently gathered from several families who are directly and indirectly affected by the action of the government, it is highly disheartening that a government that claim to be for the people in a democratic environment could engage in self-help and punishing the ordinary workers for failure or delay to produce an approved building plans. “Regarding the violation of the freedom of movement of people among others, it is however our view that the rulling party in Lagos State is fast becoming as undesirable as painted”


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