Lagos Isese Work Free Day Not to Legalize Oppression & Killing For Rituals: Human Rights Group, HURMA Petitions Sanwo-Olu; LSHA – Rights Monitors

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In response to the SOS letter recently received from people of Ikorodu community in Lagos State, the leadership of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda HURMA, has written an urgent letter to the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Baba-jide Sanwo-Olu and also the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon, Mudashiru Obasa to request for a signal of caution to all communities within the state.


In addition to the SOS from Ikorodu, received via a letter at the Central office of the Human Rights Monitors in Lagos, some other communities have as well presented same plight in an appeal to the rights group for possible assistance.

The people of Olowoira in Isheri told the Human Rights office that a message of no movement for some specific period was delivered to every church and mosque in the community. This was in addition to open announcement made to warn potential violators of the terrible consequences.


The Executive Director of HURMA, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak made an appeal in the letters to both the governor and Speaker to quickly caution all in the area of authorities to thread with serious caution.

The letter titled:
“Isese Celebration: Our Government Did Not Declare Work Free Day to Legalize Restrictions of Movement, Killing for Rituals Among other Acts of Oppression.
Urgent Need To Caution Ikorodu; Olowora Among Others From Excesses And Respect the Constitutional Rights of Everyone”.
It reads further:
“The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda HURMA, wish to urgently call on your esteemed personalty to address a case of oppression and threat to life of some Nigerians and as well Lagosians who are residing in Ikorodu, as well as Olowora in Isheri Local Government area among others in Lagos State.

“Our office received an SOS letter from some aggrieved persons who claimed to be both Christians and Muslims in Ikorodu community on Monday, requesting immediate intervention of our office and accusing the state government of complacency.
According to the letter, they are now faced with open confrontation even when they have not fully recovered from the wounds sustained last year.


“The letter titled “URGENT SOS LETTER ON NO MOVEMENT IN IKORODU”, dated Monday, August 21, 2023 and addressed to the Executive Director at Rights Monitors Central office in Lagos was signed by one Mr. Olu Aluko and A. Akinremi. The duo in the letter claim to be concerned members of Christian and Muslim people of Ikorodu.

“The people in the letter call on the Human Rights Community to please assist members of the community because their lives and properties is seriously not save, and the state not doing expected necessary things to check the excesses of the perpetuators.

The SOS letter reads further:

“The Monarch recently declared a 2-day dust to dawn curfew and openly warning people, especially Non-Yoruba indigenes to stay off Ikorodu town between 10p.m and 5:30a.m on Saturday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 22 because they want to celebrate this year Eluku Festival.

“We can say from past experiences that this their celebration is always avenue to oppress people. They use the avenue to harass our women and steal our properties. We are in serious bondage and the state is treating it as if it is normal thing.

“We are calling on the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda to please come to our rescue. We believe in a secular state like Lagos, people should practice their desired religions without infringing on other people’s rights”.

“According to another narration from people of Olowoira in Iseri Local Government a letter signed by Baale of the Community was circulated to all Mosques and Churches to restrict people’s movement with strong warnings within some hours.

“The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda hereby call on our Executive Governor and the House of Assembly to urgently call all to other. A threat to the fundamental rights of every citizen should not be tolerated in whatever disguise.

The declaration of a separate day to celebrate Isese for the Yorubas should be promoted as a day to communicate love and affection and not hatred and oppression. Our Government Did Not Declare Work Free Day to Legalize Restrictions of Movement, Killing for Rituals Among other Acts of Oppression.

We shall continue on our part to encourage all parties to respect the rule of Law while we believe the government will as well play its part in ensuring same.

“Thanks for your unflinching support to the Human Rights cause”.


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