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Traders at Ebute-Ero Gorodom Market in Lagos Island were full of celebration on Wednesday 3rd of July, when they received the message of the Executive Chairman, Hon. TIJANI Adetoyeshe Olusi, concerning the rumor of possible demolition of the market by a contractor who claimed to have received approval from the L.G Boss.
The message was delivered by the Chief of Staff to the Chairman, Mr. Yusuf Olatunji Olaigbade, who persuaded the protesting traders from further grievances and assured that the Chairman is aware of their plight and has given complete assurance of full protection.
The protesting traders, some of whom are members of a Human Rights body, were with placards with different inscriptions like: SAVE OUR SOUL; WE VOTED FOR DEMOCRACY; A THREAT TO OUR MARKET IS A THREAT TO OUR LIVES; WE WON’T COMMIT SUICIDE e.t.c
A Human Rights group, Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) had earlier written to the Council Chairman to call for urgent intervention in a letter signed by its Executive Chairman, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak, and delivered to the L.G a day to the peaceful protest, 2nd July, 2019.
In the letter titled: THREAT TO UNLAWFULLY DEMOLISH BLOCKS MP/BC AT EBUTE-ERO GORODOM MARKET; A CALL TO URGENTLY INTERVENE AND INVESTIGATE TO PREVENT BREAK DOWN OF LAW AND ORDER, the organisation explained how the poor market people had once experienced similar incident in 2005 when some contracts under the umbrella of the then Current Council Boss, allegedly stormed the market and demolished the entire structure with their goods, without any prior notification.
While addressing newsmen at the event, the Chief of Staff, Mr. Yusuf explained that the market structure named Mogbonjubola plaza was given to a contractor with a 20 years duration. “Though the contractor approached the Local Council recently for a renewal, but this was turned down by the Chairman.”
The Council Chairman hereby send me to give you you the assurance that he stands by your side”
The Executive Director of HURMA Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak expressed appreciation to the Council Boss for his discission to stand openly by the poor traders.


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  1. Long live comrade Buna
    Long live Human right monitoring agenda
    The masses must have their way, Weldon my national general coordinator, we are very glad with you, Agbelekale Unit say 3 gbosa you
    Gbosa, Gbosa, Gbosa
    You are blessing to Nigeria

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