Lagos Okada Ban is Governance by Ambush. Adeola Soetan

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If election is to hold next Saturday in Lagos, you can be sure that all Okada & Keke Marwa banned now will be fully back on Lagos roads by Tuesday. The governor, senators, assembly members and other candidates desperately seeking for our votes will start donating Okada and Keke Marwa to people as part of their late hour vote buying empowerment programnes.


Most policies of government in Nigeria are never determined by any sustained long term vision but by exigencies of the moment, greed and corruption, the major reason for policy somersault, suddenness and ambush of the citizens by government.


A sincere governorship candidate or a party desirous of people’s confidence would have openly and boldly campaigned that he would ban Okada on some roads and painstakingly explained the reasons, time frame, alternatives, amelioration plans to the people. More so for a party, APC, that has been in power for two decades in Lagos state and that always boast of having an (invisible) masterplan for a mega city that is now a nightmare.

They suppose to always campaign vigorously on those issues in their masterplan, if any, for the electorate to buy into such long term vision, be ready to defend it and vote for them or not on that basis as Trump did in the US and Awolowo did while campaigning.


But unfortunately, the latest crop of desperate Nigerian bourgeois politicians seeking for our votes are like armed robbers laying ambush for voters and the general public,, they are not interested in any serious polemics on governance issues beyond vote buying, thuggery and election manipulation. Their campaign rallies are always meaningless and ludicrous. Nothing concrete is said beyond dance dance dance and of course, the gullible electorate expect nothing too beyond musical and dance entertainment.

This governance by ambush style will continue and the suffering of the people will be more intense until the people are serious about their lives, organised themselves around working class party of their own that they cam trust to protect their interests at all times even when they have to sacrifice some gains for pro-people development in order to gain more gains.

I hope Lagos state government won’t ban roadside bread soon and order citizens with poverty wage to be buying at shoprite, justrite and other malls where those assorted cakes are sold as bread in line with their mega mega fantasy.


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