Lagos SCID with Top Lagos Men Released Kidnappers and Killers of Our Daughter: Parents, Community Petitions Rights Monitoring Agenda, HURMA, Demands Justice – Rights Monitors

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Some community members from Anthony Village area of Lagos State have recently visited the Central office of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA Global Resource Initiative) with a petition and demand for justice on the murder of late miss Omoshalewa Adebowale Mayabikan, a 19 year old girl who was allegedly kidnapped and later found dead around Badagry area some days later in October 2021.


The parents of the late girl, accompanied by some community members submitted a petition addressed to the Executive Director of HURMA, titled:

The parents at HURMA Central office in Somolu area of Lagos State explained to HURMA Executive Director, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak how their daughter was kidnapped and later found dead at Badagry area of Lagos State. The parents said they almost lost hope on the Nigeria system of justice until some Nigerians insisted they should contact HURMA office and gave assurance that the leadership would never compromise and would as well ensure justice is achieved.


According to the petition backed with further explanation, the killers were arrested by the Lagos Police Command but the IPO in charge said he was under pressure by some Chiefs and king of Badagry to release the suspect. This made his direct boss at the Lagos State Police Command to instruct the IPO to transfer the suspects to the Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID Panti. But unfortunately the suspects were released at Panti, contrary to the DCP’s instruction that the matter should be charged to Court.
“The Suspects were released and the IPO at Panti SCID threatened me to walk out and never to come back again”

The petition signed by the father of the late victim, Mr. Adebowale Mayabikan and has since been forwarded to the legal department of HURMA through the head of the legal team, Lekan Alabi Esq. reads in parts:

“Late Omoshalewa left home on Friday the 9th October, 2020 for Igando to stay overnight with a family friend, Adijat Abayomi (08097436142) in order to write an exam for the school of Nursing, Igando, which was slated for Saturday, 10th October, 2020 at the school premises in Igando area. After the examination, she called me around 5.30pm on that Saturday that she will be staying with Adijat overnight and come home on Sunday 11th October 2020.

“On Sunday around same time of 5.30pm, my daughter called me with a distress voice “daddy, daddy” help me! Help me! I am dying!, immediately her line cut off, sensing danger, I called her back immediately and she said she had been kidnapped by 3 men, immediately I called her mother and people around and we started asking her where she was but we could not hear her well as the place she was talking from was echoing seriously, people started asking her questions and she was replying in distress as if she is passing out, she could not talk properly and at the same time the whole place she was, was echoing and we could not hear her well.
We quickly rushed to Ikeja Police Command to lodge a complaint, but unfortunately that was the very day END SARS was disbanded and they told us there is nothing they can do for us as it has been announced that they should stop such activities by using their tools to track people down. IT WAS INDEED A SAD DAY FOR ME AND MY HOUSEHOLD. We left Ikeja Police Command around 2.00pm midnight and headed back to Anthony where we reside, I had to take my wife home as she was really in a very bad state, we could not sleep waiting for call from the kidnappers because by then her phone had been switched off (Infinix s5 08122134278 and 08097646796), but alas no calls or demands. In the morning, which was Monday 11th October, 2020 around 9.00am I went to Anthony Police Station to lodge a complaint about the incident and we were advised to do “tracking” of her phone number, which we did and found out that her last location was Badagry area, so we moved to Badagry Police Station to report the case on Tuesday 12th October, 2020. Unfortunately, they did not attend to us at the station: we waited for about 7 hours but to no avail under the pretense of “END SARS” situation that was still looming around the Nation.
On getting back to Lagos very late midnight, we got a link to a Commissioner of Police CP Hakeem Odumosu and forwarded a petition concerning the issue to him, from the Commissioner’s office, the petition was sent to “SIB” for further investigation.

“After a week of investigating, I received a message from her student colleague on WhatsApp message “Rest in Peace Shalewa”, I called the IPO in charge of the case at the commissioner’s office, IPO Jacob (07038855910) by informing him of the message I received. The message received indicated that her body was found in the male hostel of the LASU Foundation Academic outfit in Badagry. The following morning an arrangement was made along with my relatives to go retrieve the body, by the time we got there, the police in Badagry had retrieved the body and deposited it in a mortuary. We went to the Police Station and we were taken to the mortuary to identify the body and were asked to submit some necessary details which we did and after 4days the body was released to us and was brought to a mortuary in Lagos.
While the corpse was in Lagos, IPO Jacob asked me to carry out series of test, autopsy to acertain the real cause of death, it was discovered that she was hit on her forehead with hard objects which made her bleed excessively to death.

Below is the test carried out by

“Consent for Post-Morten (Lagos State Government Ministry of Health) Virological Screening test for Covid-19 outbreak (Lagos state Bio Bank):

“After the thorough examination of the test carried out, I was told to bury my daughter as the trauma was lingering seriously in my household, and I did, but vow to get justice for her. IPO Jacob embarked on a serious investigation and alas this led to discovery and arrest of some of the perpetrators of this evil act, one of them is named Korede, he was using her sim card that happens to have enough credit for usage, he was detained in Police Command Ikeja. However, her handset infinix s5 was also tracked to someone else, who was also arrested and confirmed that the Korede in detention sold the handset to him.
Meanwhile, while Korede was in detention his family started putting pressure to release him and even the Oba of Badagry intervened for his release; but since they were two in the custody now, the family started pressing for their release together.
IPO Jacob called me one day and said the matter at hand is beyond him and that his direct boss is also asking him to refer the case to Panti after the Oba of Badagry gave a letter to the family to see his boss.

“After the case was transferred to Panti, on the 18th of January, 2021, a new IPO Musa, was assigned the case to, I wrote my statement and he asked me series of questions despite that the case file was transferred along with the suspects. He invited me, the family and the owner of the boys’ hostel where my late daughters’ body was found for a meeting, during the meeting, IPO Musa asked me what do I want, and I said JUSTICE, after a long talk and I was adamant on my request, the meeting ended. He called me separately again after a while for a meeting, this time myself and him alone, he was trying to speak for those people and I insisted my daughter must get JUSTICE.I called frantically since then and most times, he would not pick his calls or give excuses that he is not available at the moment. Then on 1st of April, 2021, I sent him a stinker message, showing my anger and displeasure on why the matter has not been charged to court, there was no response at all on the message, so I decided to go there uninvited and meet him, I asked him he did not reply my message and not charging the matter to court as well, he then said we have to release those boys and I asked why? There was no concrete answer. Just then he arranged them and said we all should meet with the Assistant Commissioner of Police in the unit, getting to the man, the man asked me what happened and I started relating the matter at once, immediately, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, charged at IPO Musa, that he should not release those boys and that with what I have said they are standing a chance to be the culprit and he gave order to IPO Musa to charge the case to court immediately.

“I was so happy that the matter has finally gotten to where it should be and that my daughter will get JUSTICE. IPO Musa, ask me to leave and that he will contact me when the matter is charged to court.I waited and waited for the D-Day to appear in court, I did not hear from him, I started calling him, he refused to pick the calls nor reply, I now went uninvited again and meet him, I saw him and ask him again that I have been calling him to no response on when to appear in court as instructed by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, ONLY for him to tell me that the boys have been released. I was demoralized and wept bitterly there asking him why, he kicked me out of the station with instruction that I should leave the premises immediately, I had to leave for the sake of his THREATENING WORDS he was using and I promise to seek for JUSTICE for my late daughter no matter how long it takes.I manager a small scale of business with my family and things were not that rosy as I manager to keep my other family going with the little I made from the business, however, I dreamt always about my Late daughter begging me to get JUSTICE on her behalf

“Therefore, at this point, I seek the support of good NIGERIANS to come to my aid by helping me get JUSTICE FOR LATE OMOSHALEWA ADEBOWALE MAYABIKAN;

  1. That the case should be re-visited
  2. That the case should be re-assigned to IPO Jacob (07038855910) who as at the time of transferring the case just discovered fresh evidences.
  3. That IPO Musa, should provide the suspect persons released.
  4. That the accused persons should be persecuted accordingly
  5. And that Judgement should prevail for LATE OMOSHALEWA ADEBOWALE MAYABIKAN.”


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