Land-Grabbers: Rights Group, HURMA Calls For Urgent State Action over Epe Family Land at Otara, Lagos – Rights Monitors

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The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA Global Resource Initiative) has petitioned the Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner For Justice to take urgent action to curb the activities of Area boys/ Land Grabbers in Otara, Igboye town of Epe, Lagos State.


Right Monitors News from HURMA’s office visited the disputed Adesada Oganjugbe family land at Otara in Epe to investigate for proper documentation, the recent acclaimed state intervention on the land, but some members of the Right Monitors press crew were attacked by Area boys stationed on the land.

The petition signed by HURMA Executive Director, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak and addressed to the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice titled:
“Destruction of State Signpost Erected By Office of Lagos State Special Taskforce on Land Grabbers By Area Boys/Land Grabbers in Epe.
An Urgent Call To Arrest and Prosecute Perpetrators to Enforce Respect to Authorities, Law & Order,” reads in parts:


“We write to bring the attention of your office to the present lawlessness and an act insubordination and complete disregard to state authorities that is presently ongoing in Eredo , Epe, Lagos State by a known group of Areaboys/ Landgrabbers whose case already pending in your office with Petition No. 6761, among other public offices.

“Please be informed that our office have been monitoring general development on the Otara Land dispute at Igboye town, Epe. We have received several petitions and as well written petitions to appeal for state urgent intervention to prevent communal clash. This has been as well severally related on our weekly Human Rights program on Radio Nigeria.

“HURMA recently received a report on visitation by the Lagos State office of Special Taskforce on Land Grabbers to the disputed land and erection of Signposts to warn off all penetrators to stay away from the disputed land pending completion of state investigation. However on Monday June 10, 2024, our office visited the community to report the event, but on arrival the Area boys/ Land Grabbers stationed on the land came to harass our female reporters. One of them ended in hospital.
It is also more disheartening that these Landgrabbers went ahead to destroy all Signposts erected on the land by the State Taskforce office, with immunity.

“Our office is aware that the signposts by the State Taskforce were erected after several invitations to the Land-Grabbers, but turned down with impunity.

“The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) vehemently condemns this egregious act of recklessness and impunity as lately displayed by these boys that claim to be above the law.
We however demand from the honourable office of the Attorney General as follows:

  1. Immediate arrest and trial of all the area boys involved in harassing our office Reporters.
  2. Immediate arrest and prosecution of all those involved in destruction of State Taskforce erected signposts on Otara Land, Igboye Town, Epe. This should be done in accordance with the stipulated penalties outlined in law against such affront and act of impunity against state constituted authorities.

“Please note that our call for urgent arrest and prosecution of these identified land grabbers and their sponsors is to serve as a deterrent to other citizens in the State.

“Moreso, this is inline with the provisions of the Lagos State Property Protection Law, 2016 and in particular, Section 2(1) of the Law, which prohibits the use of force or self-help by anyone to take over any landed property or engaging in any act inconsistent with the proprietary rights of the owner of any landed property in Lagos”.


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