Let us Work Strenuously Together Learned Friends To Avoid The Formation of a Parallel Bar.


Although the Trio of Messrs Alegeh-Usoro-Akpata same type, businessmen and transactional, if they continue the way they are going we would have some challenges of a united Bar.

As requested by Mr Adesina in his highly meritorious petition we don’t need a court order to cancel the result of this election.
The Trio should cultivate as a matter of urgency certain statesmanly attributes towards resolution and most kindly please proceed to:


1) Cancel the outcome of the most shambolic exercise you mistook for an election 2020

2) Please imbibe the spirit of no victor no vanquished rather than to have called the winner Mr Adesina a loser after “stealing” his votes.

3) Please conduct a rerun credibly, transparently and fairly so that the results would be accepted and the true winner congratulated.

4) Mr Usoro exits on or 31/8/2020 and he must not swear in Akpata-led EXCO; the pretenders to the seat.


1) A parallel Bar would emerge and we could have two functional NBA. One with President Akpata and the real NBA run by President Adesina isn’t that scary? So why don’t we all work together to avoid this scene?

2) Our NBA would issue press statements and directives to lawyers and your NBA would do the same. Our NBA would be sworn in by a Notary Public or a Judge, your NBA maybe.

3) Our NBA will organize cutting edge seminars programs and NBA events online and offline. We will have a website.

4) Our NBA would get a good printer for NBA Stamp and Seal better than yours and hand a complimentary packet of NBA stamp and seal to our members upon payment of Bar Practising fees to the Supreme Court from Jan 2021. Your NBA would be there collecting more taxes as you have nil reputation for selfless work. Y are takers. We are givers.

5) Our NBA would nominate members into committees and statutory bodies and let us see who the Judiciary would honour. They will ask who is senior I mean in terms of call to Bar of Akpata and Adesina. This is not about SAN. Adesina is at least 15 years older than Akpata. Adesina is more professionally vibrant than Akpata. Adesina is more experienced than Akpata. Adesina has dignifyable carriage. Adesina writes prolifically by himself not those who give speeches to others to write for them. Adesina is a resource person He has done public interests work FoC unlike Akpata Esq

6) Our NBA would write to all our Banks to not allow you access to NBA money that Mr Usoro may have left in the Bank and if he has nothing there he has to fully account for his deeds anyway. His regime, incompetent & most corrupt which got us here. Besides Mr Usoro brought to NBA house the unprecedented stench of leading NBA from the dock. He declined to step aside in honour of NBA’s public and professional reputation.

7) Our NBA would receive more support than yours because you met us in NBA and we gave NBA mantle to you that we are taking back.

We worked over long years to adopt E-Voting but not in to tolerate your electronic malfeasance. We will have to clean the augean stable and practice what we preach as society’s foremost, honourable, noble and learned profession.

Time is now!

Thank you!

Carol Ajie Esq. (Dame)
Constitutional and Human Rights Lawyer


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