LSHA: Am Set to Take Somolu to a Greater Success – Hon. Orekoya – Rights Monitors

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The newly elected member for the just concluded election of Lagos State House of Assembly for Somolu Constituency 1, Hon. Abiodun Orekoya has made a public declaration of his determination to ensure that the Local Government will attain greater success beyond its present achievement.


This was declared during a recent interview conducted by Rights Monitors News during the time of the Governorship and House of Assembly Election in March 2023.

The newly elected representative admitted that the outgoing representative indeed performed great, but he is convinced that his administration would have greater success and achievement.


Hon. Orekoya promised to run a system of transparency and accountability to the electorates.

“My administration to the best of my capacity would be transparent and give account to the people.
“I am formally head of the Secretariat as the Executive Secretary of the Somolu Local Government, and people in the community know my door is always open to hearing what people have to say.
“I believe the current lawmaker I am vying to become his predecessor did very well during his tenure and I’m looking forward to do better for the people of Somolu”.

Hon. Orekoya assured the office of Human Rights Monitors on moves to reduce the gap between the government and the governed

“I believe the gap between stakeholders and the youth is part of what led to EndSars in 2020.

“My tenure as a Member of Lagos State Assemble, I will hold meetings quarterly with the youths of my constituency, to engage them on how we are representing them in government”.

Finally he expressed a very hope in the Nigerian electoral process and made a general appeal for Nigerians in general to trust in the system

“Though their are gliches with some polling units around me here but I believe in the INEC conduct of this election

“I appeal to all Nigerians to be patients and to believe in the electoral processes.

“Since 1999 Electoral process uphold our democracy in Nigeria”.


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