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The leadership of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) has described Comrade Kunle Adegoke, SAN, as a genuine pro-people element who has added to the very few number of radical members of the inner bar in Nigeria.


This was part of the statement made by Lekan Alabi Esq. on 17th December 2020 when HURMA paid a courtesy visit to Adekunle Adegoke (SAN), to celebrate his new status.

The Chairman, Board of Directors of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA), Barrister Lekan Alabi congratulated Barrister Adekunle Adegoke on his latest status as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). According to Barrister Lekan Alabi, Mr. Adekunle Adegoke SAN, deserves to be celebrated by every genuine pro-masses organisation. He described him as someone who has spent his entire life in the pursuit of a social justice for the oppressed members of the Nigeria society.


The chairman recapped Comrade Adekunle Adegoke SAN ordeal in his university days. “He was a foremost union leader at the University of Ilorin where he was expelled in his final year due to a protest to enforce justice.”, Lekan Alabi said.
He explained how he thereafter joined popular struggle and was actively involved in many organizations which include NADECO, Joint Action Committee of Nigeria (JACON), Campaign for Democracy (CD), Democratic Alternative (DA), Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) and finally now a member of the legal team of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) and as well a board member of the group. K-RAD as popularly known which means “Kunle Radical”, a name given to him from his university days, was also described as a member of the progressive and leftist movement of the bar. He was a prominent member of National Association of Democratic Lawyers. Adekunle Adegoke was part of the lawyers that got the mandate for Aregbesola, former Governor of Osun State.

The Executive Director of HURMA, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak also congratulated the new SAN and presented souvenirs used during the International Human Rights Day program among other HURMA office materials to him.
Comrade Buna did appreciate other members of HURMA present at the event and finally encouraged them to be sincere and consistent with organisational focus, which is total emancipation of the oppressed from all forms of exploitation and oppression, just like K-RAD who should be seen as a model.

In his brief response, Adekunle Adegoke SAN explained his journey so far. How he was expelled from different higher institutions for standing to defend the oppressed among other challenges and what later led to the conclusion to live his entire life for the masses just like late Gani Fawehinmi, SAN.

“It rains each day of my birthday. But the day I was celebrating my 40th birthday was the same day Gani Fawehinmi died. On that particular day it unusually rained heavily and it was impressed upon me to continue the struggle from where late Gani Fawehinmi left it”.

Barrister Kunle Adegoke, SAN, promised to host HURMA properly when he celebrates his new status. He also proposed another celebration in his state of origin, Osun State.

While giving a short recap of his journey so far, he explained how he sold newspapers on sea water among other delicate but legitimate jobs, to sponsor himself through the university. He highlighted on his voyage into politics and his aspiration to become the governor Osun State. He concluded his appreciation speech with an highlight on elements of socialist intervention in the present day capitalism by which governments all over the world have tried to legitimize the system.


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