N15m Bail for Two, Justice Ojukwu Should Emulate the Kidnappers of her sister Judge – Adeola Soetan

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I think Justice Ojukwwu who held Sowore & Mandate on judicial hostage because of stringent bail conditions she imposed has some lessons to learn from the criminals that kidnapped the Justice of the Federal High Court, Akure and his driver


While the kidnappers without good conscience imposed N15m ransom as bail for their two captives, Justice Ojukwwu who is expected to be conscientious imposed N70m and other very stringent bail conditions on Sowore and Mandate.

Justice Ojukwu is a lawyer, a judge and an officer at the temple of justice, the kidnappers may not be lawyers or judges while not ruling out the possibility. InJustice Ojukwu may be a practisng Christian going kurukere kurukere to church and Jerusalem as a faithful so society sees her as a role model, a humanist, while the criminals may also be good Christians and Muslims going kurukere kurukere to pilgrimage and local prayer centres but by their criminal conduct, society does not see them as humanists and they are not really.


Ojukwu has a court of appeal’s decision to learn from on the need for liberal bail for accused standing trial in the case of Dasuki Vs FRN. Coincidentally, the appeal court judgement was against the same Ojukwu’s stringent bail conditions she imposed on Dasuki. But unfortunately, she decided to ignore the appeal court decision on Sowore’s bail conditions, rather, she preferred to literally peep into the pockets of Sowore and his friends to convince herself that they should be able to deposit N50m ‘chicken change’.

The criminals who kidnapped the Akure judge also have a precedent from Evans, the Kidnapper In Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to demand for $1m or higher ransom, but on ‘humanist’ ground (perhaps), they ignored Evan’s precedent and went for lower ransom.

On the question of Relativity of Morality, the kidnappers that kidnapped the Akure judge and his driver, have shown higher morals than Justice Ojukwu on the way she handled the Sowore and Mandate’s bail. Perhaps, Ojukwu needs to learn a lesson from those criminals notwithstanding their crime and anti – social conducts. To every crime, there is a learn to learn.


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