NIGERIA LIMPS TO 61 By Lekan Alabi Esq

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October 1st of every year has become a ritual. A ritual of remembrance of colonial impostors who designed our great country not to work for Nigerians. A ritual of remembrance of a large plantation of exploitation by the neocolonial fronts who have over and over again rendered our fertile plantation none profitable, exploitative, depressive and hostile.


In the last 61 years, our people have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly.

The climax of our hopelessness and hardship is the current erosion of sovereignty of Nigeria by terrorists, bandits, criminals, kidnappers, arsonists and other none state actors.


We must not lose the sight of the collaboration of the political leadership and rulership in breeding the militant wings of the victims of their neo liberal economic policy to weaken a genuine resistance and smash the just demand for a state that will serve the interest of the people.

Unfortunately, the greed of the ruling class has created and sustained the state of anarchy we have in our great country today that has obviously consumed both the oppressors and the oppressed.

As a mass base human right organization, the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) is faced with the historical duty to work for the possibility of another Nigeria where cornerstone of its existence shall be the welfare of the people. Where the resources of the state shall be for the people of the state. We have an historical responsibility to educate our people that the current threat to the Nigeria corporate existence is a failure of neocolonial leadership and its reactionary policies that endanger Nigerians.

For us to live we must frontally confront our challenge and obstacle to a new dawn.
We say, the struggle continues!


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