Great Ife!
But I think the VC has already captured the University and reduced the great citadel of learning and culture to his status. But why is he now too eager to capture himself?

Disallowing students from holding symposium in a university, more so in Great Ife, is most draconian, primitive and unethical to civilised academic culture.

This stone – age administrative style of imposing culture of fear and silence on the students in order to kill voices of struggle against commercialisation of education and other anti – students policies, is provocative, peace endangering, and an assault on democratic rights of free assembly, free speech and freedom of thoughts. It must be resisted by students and staff by all democratic, peaceful and mass based lawful means necessary.

Shall we remind the petulant university administration under the jackboots of His Royal Majesty, the Vice Chancellor, that cultism, encouraged overtly or covertly by the administration, germinates and grows faster with impunity on any campus where students are restricted from associating freely under a popular and democratic unionism.



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All students, lecturers, non academic staff, alumni, parents and guardians of this great citadel of learning and culture, including Nigerians of good conscience should timely prevail on the VC to cool temper, before he finally and willfully returns the University to the dark era of the maximum rulership of ‘Captain Blood’, one of his most vicious predecessors – the brutal but roundly disgraced Chancellor of Vices.

July 10 blood of Iwilade (AFRIKA) and other students are still hot to be forgotten.

Adeola Soetan
Ex – President, Great Ife!

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