Ogun Police Shot Me 6 Bullets: Innocent Victim Petitions Rights Group, HURMA for Justice- Rights Monitors

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A police officer attached to the Ogun State Police Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Eleweran has been reported to the office of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) to have engaged in illegal shooting at an innocent citizen in Iperu area of Ogun State.


According to report to HURMA Central office in Lagos by community members and relatives of the gunshots victim, the innocent citizen now receiving treatment at a private hospital close to the scene of event, was harased and shot directly at his two feets by the police officer for a reason not known to anyone. The report directly addressed to the Executive Director of HURMA, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak and this was instantly forwarded to the legal head of the body at the head office, Lekan Alabi Esq.
“On Thursday 4 May 2023, Mr. Adewole Oluwaloni Smith, a 60 year old man went to repair his car key at a mechanic workshop along Iperu-Ilisha Road, Iperu, Ogun State. He was sitting inside the building where an apprentice of the key repairer was attending to him.

Suddenly, a police officer later identified to have come from Eleweran in Abeokuta entered the compound where Mr. Adewole was sitting in a shop and began to shout recklessly. He faced Mr. Adewole and told him that he would deal with him and nothing would happen. Mr. Adewole was completely confused but did not argue with the police officer. He told him that he only came to fix his car key.


“All of a sudden the police officer generally believed to have been under the influence of drugs slapped him twice, shot him at his two feets and left him there in a pool of blood.”

According to the direct report of the victim during an interview with Rights Monitors, he was at the workshop where they were helping him to fix his car when he began to hear some noises.

“I was at the workshop and
suddenly we heard noise from outside the compound and some boys around were saying what’s that, what’s happening? Just within a twinkle of an eye, looking back me, I saw a police man with a gun shouting: “Oloriburuku niyin, se eti yawere ni (you are all bad fortuned people, are you all mad)?” among other dirty words.
“I saw him coming towards me and saying “I will shoot you, I will shoot you”. I raised up my two hands immediately saying: “Oga please, what have I done wrong? Please I didn’t do anything and I didn’t say anything please?”
“He just came directly to me at the entrance of the shop, first gave me two dirty slaps, all I see next is a gun shot at my two legs”.
“I started calling for help but at first people ran away, they couldn’t help me. It was the panel beater and the car key repairer that later rushed down to my rescue and began to call people to please help me that I only came to repair my car key here.
“Later people came to my rescue. I told them to take me to nearby hospital and the doctor requested for police reports which was later given to us at Iperu Police Divisional Headquarters.


“Okada riders and many aggrieved persons were already at the Police Station in Iperu, demanding for the identity of the police officer which everyone believed is known to the DPO”.

According to Dr. Victor at Victory Hospital, Ogbere where the victim’s life was rescued, he informed the Executive Director of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA), Comrade Buna Isiak on Sunday May 7th that the hospitality and care received from the DPO of Iperu Divisional Headquarters actually went a long way in persuading and public mind from violence.

“Only DPO and DCO from Iperu have been checking on the man and this is very encouraging.”

The very officer involved and his Division has not shown up at all.”

Though the situation is now under control. The hospital is working on treating the effect of the gun damages.”

Someone actually called and identified himself as a police officer who is willing to pay the bill. He requested for account details of the hospital. We believe that whoever that is willing to assist in paying the bill should do so through the affected family or through the Iperu Police Division that brought the man to our hospital”.

The family are looking forward to getting justice by reporting the matter to the Human Rights Monitoring Headquarters.

They expressed fear for the safety of the victim’s life.


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  1. Olohunsanya Shamsudeen Akorede a.k.a Comrade Otitokoro.1 from Kemta Idi-Aba Abeokuta Ogun state Nigeria says:

    I will always be giving kudos to the entire bodies of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda . For thier impact to the Masses of the Nigerians . May Almighty God please continue to protect nd guide us from those Uppressors . Neither in government nor individual , .

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