Political Thugs are higher than the Police in Hierarchy. Opinion by Adeola Soetan

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You may not blame the police much because in the reckoning of power desperate politicians, their sponsored over – indulged political thugs are ranked higher than the police in the order of hierarchy protocol.


This is the reason police are always powerless and afraid to invite, caution, effect any arrest or prosecute political thugs when they freely unleashed or plan to unleash violence and threatened violence openly.

They know that their political godfathers / mothers are well connected and many police chiefs worship at their feet.


Or did you hear or see police invite Elewe Omo, a NURTW kingpin when he presided over ‘Oyo State Parliament’ at D’Rovans hotel, Ibadan, and pronounced a sitting governor Ladoja ‘Impis’, after his troop led a fierce battle to Agodi government secretariat to cause mayhem when PDP was in power? No arrest, no prosecution because he and his violent group enjoyed federal government and Baba Adedubu’s immunity.

And recently after Osun governorship election re – run, MC Oluomo of Oshodi, a fearful NURTW kingpin and well connected to Tinubu’s power cartel openly threatened that he would move his troop from Lagos to Ilorin to challenge Saraki’s boys for a battle of supremacy and conquest in Kwara during the forthcoming governorship election. Was he invited by the police for caution before his current (mis)adventure, after all, crime prevention and control is one of the duties of the police? No, like his late Oyo State counterpart, Elewe Omo, MC and co also enjoys Lagos state government / Jagaban immunity and patronage. The same police that will quickly invite / arrest students / worker’s union’s leaders on account of a mere ultimatum or peaceful protest. Too bad for a nation!
This is the sad story of Nigeria’s democracy and we are in it together.

Democracy is seriously under threat when merchants of violence rein supreme with impunity while the law and law enforcement agencies lay prostate.

This civil rule will definitely be ill fated and short lived if this obnoxious trend continues where power is desperately sought for by power cartels by all means necessary. We all must defend democracy and say No to political violence in any form or else the system is doomed.


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  1. All this is unfortunate but is just a teething ailment of our yonug democracy with time all this nonsence will fade off, long ago in Nigeria, Apala, Fuji,Theatre artist always went to play with thugs and they girdle themselves with charms, but today that had fade off artist goes to play today in group and they made better sum of money than those dark dsys,by the time corruption is fight to stand still nobody will have money to waste on thugs.

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