“Repentant” Boko Haram? “Babu Turenchi” – By Adeola Soetan

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It is better to release all those awaiting trial petty criminals in our prisons and enlist them into the Nigerian Army than to release blood sucking, so-called “repentant” Boko Haram, some of whom are reportedly being integrated into the NA. That nonsense must stop forthwith, it is too hasty and not well thought out.


If there is any understanding of detainees swap with these forest criminals, government should come out open with the details. Government cannot appear to be nice to captured BH while their fellow criminals in the bush are laying ambush and daily killing our gallant soldiers, beheading and maiming unarmed civilians, kidnapping citizens for ransom and launching surprised attacks in our villages and towns.

This does not honour the death, it is an insult to the bereaved families and embarrassment to the nation which may lower the morale of citizens and operatives at the battle fronts.


This seeming duplicitous of government in the over a decade war against insurgents that has claimed thousands of lives and many citizens displaced needs to be urgently reviewed because these dirty forest rats are purely wild animals that cannot be domesticated.

Pretending to do so is a short and long term threat to our national security. The increasing spate of attacks by these criminals may be connected to leakage in our military strategy and breach of security/intelligence information by the so-called “repentant” Boko Haram.
A nation does not lie prostate in dealing or negotiating with blood loving criminals. A new approach and a new strategic thinking is needed now and always.


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