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A Lagos based human rights lawyer, Olalekan Alabi, has called on genuine Nigerian activists to rise up to the task of updating their strategy towards activism in the country.


The popular social crusader, Alabi (a.k.a Chairman of Activism), described the present approach as employed by many activists as outdated.
“Our strategy is outdated. We need to change our approach from fighting from outside to a fight from within”.

This call was made at the general meeting of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) held at the central working office in Shomolu, Lagos State on Saturday 31st of August, 2019
Furthermore, he said, while addressing members present that they should remain steadfast in their struggle for a country of their dream, until it becomes a reality.
“We believe another Nigeria is possible and therefore must continue to struggle till we achieve the Nigeria of our dream”
“we don’t apply the old strategy with which we engaged the military in the democratic dispensation.”
” We should not continue to vote for looters and criminal elements, and at the same time be lamenting and continuously call for change. We can also become the state and teach people what good governance is all about”.


While encouraging members to also make themselves available for political offices, he said “It is not a rule that you must struggle from the outside till you die. Many of you are genuinely sincere and better than those occupying the political space, join the race and prove to the poor masses that another Nigeria is possible”.

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