I Pity the Angels.

Because what many people celebrate as miracles / divine interventions in the church or mosques are simply fraud, corporate crime and hidden individual smartness.


Watching the dancing Senator Adeleke doing thanksgiving in his church with the over joyous congregation after winning his senatorial with fake certificates, I started to pity those invincible God’s Angels that were possibly dancing and cheering with him and the church because like of that of Kemi Adeosun’ NYSC deal, they might also not be aware of Adeleke’s underground system because it is not the business of the Angels to screen candidates’ credentials but to just to convey prayers and gratitude of the ‘specially favoured’ faithful.


With See and Buy election victories now and coming in future, the Angels / Malaikas should be prepared for more embarrassing thanksgiving shows of shame in their presence.



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Are the Angels and Malaikas guilty of complicity or conspiracy when lucky and blessed certificate forgers, election riggers, corrupt business tycoons and politicians, yahoo boys, successful kidnappers, under hand dealing civil / public servants, human rights entrepreneurs and the likes come to the church and mosques for thanksgiving shows? NO please


The Angels are not to blame but let us Pity them for being deceived too like many us and for being stranded in a country where many evil things are celebrated as miracles, divine interventions, and Allah / God’s special favours.

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