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Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak, Executive Director of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA Global Resource Initiative), has clarified his recent appointment as the chairman of the Palliatives Distribution Committee by Somolu Local Government Chairman, Honourable Abdul Hammed Salawu (Dullar). This clarification aims to dispel misconceptions and affirm that the role is an interventionist initiative, not a political appointment.


The Chief Press Secretary to Somolu Local Government, Owolabi Oseni in a recent press statement dated February 29, 2024 and titled: “Somolu Chairman ‘Dullar’ Inaugurates ‘Palliative Committee’ States Terms of Reference” had announced the appointment of the Human Rights activist, Comrade Buna as the Committee leader and this has since brought about several complimentary reactions.

The Council press secretary statement reads in parts:
“In response to the severe economic challenges plaguing Nigerians due to persistent increases in foreign exchange rates and the removal of fuel subsidies, Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu ‘Dullar’, the Executive Chairman of Somolu Local Government, has embarked on a significant initiative by inaugurating a Palliative Committee in Somolu.


“This action underscores his commitment to alleviating the financial strains experienced by individuals within the community.

“During the inauguration, the council helmsman elucidated the terms of reference for the committee, which is led by Comrade Isiak Buna, the distinguished Convener of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA)”.

The above press statement from the local government brought about many reactions from general public and members of the civil society with some sending congratulatory messages. According to some: “Our revolutionary Buna finally given a political appointment in a
bourgeois capitalist system”.


However in a recent public address, Comrade Buna expressed gratitude for the appointment, emphasizing its purpose—to ensure palliatives reach the grassroots and benefit the poor, in alignment with the Chairman’s intentions. He highlighted HURMA’s role as a haven for the oppressed, explaining how the organization’s connection with the community informed his inclusion in the Committee.

Comrade Buna emphasized the purely interventionist agenda of HURMA, clarifying that neither himself nor Somolu Coordinator Comrade Monsur Akinremi seek or hold any political appointments. Their involvement is solely dedicated to realizing Chairman Dullar’s goodwill in ensuring the equitable distribution of palliatives to ordinary people in need.

“On the appointment as the chairman of the newly inaugurated Committee for Palliative Sharing for Somolu Local Government, I express a profound appreciation to the Honourable Local Government Chairman, Hon. Abd-Hammed Salawu for being sensitive to the plight of the poor. Our very concern is to ensure that the palliatives get to the grassroot as desired by the Hon. Chairman.

“The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda’s (HURMA) office is the second home for the poor and oppressed people in the society. Our Central office in Somolu is regularly visited by the poor and this, I think informed the choice of inclusion in the Committee.

“To the best of my understanding, that is the meeting point of intervention for my organization, Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA).
Purely interventionist Agenda.

“It is our interest to realize the good will of the leadership to ensure the palliatives get to the ordinary people.

“Please be fully informed that neither myself nor the Somolu Coordinator of HURMA, Comrade Monsur Akinremi who is also an appointed members of the Palliative Sharing committee is in any political appointment nor interested as per anything political paraphernalia whatsoever.

“Our involvement is to bring the good target of the Chairman, Hon. Abdul-Hammed Salawu ‘Dullar’ to fruition”.


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