Somolu Polical Leaders, Dullar & Olowo Set to Rescue Lagos Youth From Drug Abuse


The two major political voice in Somolu area of Lagos State in persons of Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu (Dullar), chairman of Somolu local government and Hon. Olowo Rotimi, the Lagos state representative at the Lagos House of Assembly have unitedly reaffirm their unreserved commitment towards ensuring a good life for all and as well as better future for the entire youths within the constituency and beyond.


This was made known during this year 7th annual Constituency Stakeholders Meeting held at the Banquet hall of Somolu Local Government secretariat on Thur, Aug 19, 2021. Similar event was held across all the 40 constituencies in Lagos State.

The theme for this year event was tagged – increasing Use of Drug Abuse: A Threat To Nation Building.


Hon. Olowo Rotimi Emmanuel who is the representative at LSHA Somolu Constituency 1 was the Chief Host at the event.
After the recitation of the national anthem and opening prayer by by CAN Chairman of Somolu local government, Hon. Olowo gave some background from the last stakeholders meeting of the constituency held in year 2020 as a stepping stone to present ongoing development. Eminent personalities at the occasion include members of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA); APC leaders at ward and state level; the Chairman of Somolu LG, Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu (Dullar); Hon. Olowo Emmanuel with his wife Mrs Atinuke Olowo among others.

Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu (Dullar) gave the opening address by stating that the topic – “Increasing Wave of Drug Abuse: A Threat To Nation Building, is important and timely”. He further stated that” the rate of drug abuse is alarming and becoming a pandemic”. Dullar promised to contribute his quota in order to ameliorate the menace imminent with the increasing wave of drug abuse among the youths. The Chairman concluded his address by praying for the youths that the “Lord should bless the youths for a better and greater tomorrow”.

The Keynote address was given by the Chief Host of the occasion, Hon. Rotimi Emmanuel. He first started by highlighting all the ongoing and completed projects he has embarked upon in Somolu and the need for all stakeholders to assist every government project to ensure success. In his keynote address Hon. Rotimi defined drug abuse as the “the use of illicit drugs, prescription or over-the-counter drugs for wrong medical purposes, or when it is used in excessive amounts that are harmful to the individual and others. Such drugs or substances include; cannabis, Monkey Tail, Revlon, Loud, amongst others.”

The Chief Host went further to highlight the diverse and devastating effects of drug abuse on the society “… negative social effects such as violent crimes, disruption of the family, child abuse and neglect, as well as unemployment, it has been associated with some other criminal behaviours such as gang formations, cultism, armed robbery, rape and other social disturbances”.

Hon. Olowo concluded by saying that although laws on drug abuse falls under the exclusive legislative list and as such he is unable to legislate on laws regarding the regulation of drugs at the state level, he promised to try his possible best to contribute all within his capacity to control drug abuse in the constituency area.

A resource person from the Lagos State House of Assembly played a short video on the impact of drug abuse, this was projected to the audience. The resource person stated that “the increasing wave of drug abuse poses a threat to nation building among the youths”. He further stated that “according to UNODC 15 million people abuse drugs in Nigeria out of which 10.2 million people use cannabis and 4.2 million use tramadol”. He also explained the adverse effect of drug abuse on the family, economy, security and the society as a whole


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