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A  call has gone to the federal and state government to enact stiffer  penalty measures against any dorm of domestic violence especially rape,wife/husband battery  and child abuse to stem the growing trend across the country.


This advise was given in press release   on Thursday in Lagos  by a rights activist and Executive Director of Campaign Against Impunity and Domestic Violence  (CAIDOV ) ,Comrade Gbenga Soloki, stating that only such legislations will stem the growing tide of domestic violence especially child abuse and rape in the country.

The activist disclosed that the reported cases of domestic violence across the country and frightening and disturbing,as such ,efforts must be put in place by government at all levels to reduce it by coming up with penalties that will deter people from engaging in such despicable acts.


According  to Com.Soloki ” the issue of domestic violence is giving some of us sleepless nights and frightening as it occurs virtually everyday and assuming dangerous dimension. It’s a signal that all is not well with our people. Government at all levels must be alive to its responsibilities by enacting stiffer penalties for the offence of domestic violence especially cases of rape,battery and child abuse.”

Continuing “police brutality also on increase but not as prominent as rape and violence against wife or husband,more so,the cases are reported and are acted upon by superiors.


Com. Soloki further stated that stigmatisation has been responsible for the low rate of report of domestic violence ,but that with several efforts by CAIDOV and other NGOs  that deal with domestic violence related matters and the efforts in getting justice for victims,there has been increase on number of cases daily, which he described as “alarming”.

The CAIDOV boss commended the Lagos  state government for the various agencies and departments  crested with mandate to deal with domestic and other issues like that,stressing that the agencies are really of immense assistance as most of the issues are sorted out through them,since cost of litigation is expensive and most times out of the reach of the victims ,which invariable denies them justice “but the domestic and sexual violence rescue team of the state government has been of tremendous  support to the fight against domestic violence in Lagos state.”


“We also want to appeal to the other states to take a cue from Lagos state by establishing  and supporting agencies that will fight for the rights of abused person,especially rape and child abuse as well as wife/husband battery so that the scourge of domestic violence will be greatly reduced in our polity.

Issues of legislation is another area we will want our government to focus more by coming up with stiffer penalties for offenders and speedy trial of domestic violence cases so that the victims will get justice and offenders dealt with in accordance with the laws of the land so that they will not evade justice”.


Finally,he also appealed to Federal government to also come up with policy that will ensure that victims of domestic violence get justice.


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