With Our Resourceful and Resilient Youth, Together We Shall Build Nigeria — Democracy day message by Hon. Olowo Rotimi

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Democracy speech by Hon Olowo


Democracy is simply defined as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. A system that allows the most popular to take the lead. A system that allows the people to choose those who lead them.


It is yet another Democracy day in Nigeria. I will like to use this opportunity to charge the youth being the largest voting ratio in our political space to shun every act of violence and embrace that of peace.

Using myself as a case study .


In my early days, I had it relatively rough living with my parents and siblings in a single room in Somolu. A house where we had to cue for several minutes to use the rest room. No pipe borne water and we had to rely on deep wells as an alternative. A time when my parents had little to feed me with let alone clothing me.

But I was determined to make my life better so I chose decency against hooliganism, hardwork against cheat, humility against frivolity. I chose everyday to engage in menial labour to earn a living by washing buses and cars in front of the popular Somolu Central Hotel. I was often laughed at due to my petit size; many used to call me “Baba Kekere”. I lost many friends. I mean, who wants to be friends with somebody with that kind of job? I did not relent so long as it earns me a decent living. The more they laughed at me, the more I was determined to succeed. Failure was not an option; not for a young boy from a humble, polygamous and broken home.

I used every kobo saved from the street to feed myself and support my education. I chose to be focused. I was never violent but brave.

I practically went through the Higher Institution for my First degree in Sociology at Ondo State University (now Ekiti State University) feeding from hand to mouth. I was vulnerable but was determined and focused. Rather than join the secret cult, I engaged in Sport. Rather than steal or cheat, I engaged in selling Perfumes to support myself in school.

After my First Degree, I had to stay at home for about 2years before getting an offer to serve as Retail Sales Executive with National Oil now known as Conoil where I rose to become the Retail Network Sales Manager HQ, Portharcourt. Later joined Oando as the Divisional Sales Manager before joining politics.

I conveniently studied for my MSc, MBA and other short courses in Cambridge and Harverd.

You see, it is not about your beginning but what you are able to make out of it. It is not about what people call you but what you call yourself.

Your every struggle, pain, sorrow are meant to shape and not destroy you.

Don’t allow yourself to be used as a weapon of doom but a weapon of boom. Don’t be used as a weapon of destruction but a weapon of construction and production.

It will amaze you to know that most of the people that instigate you are not better than you. They only choose to take advantage of your vulnerability instead of supporting you.

Our laws must be adjusted to give attention to the youth; support technical and vocational skills, innovations and general creativity. We must develop our Healthcare system (as a key to a wealthy nation) and give huge attention to Education being the bedrock of human existence.

Nigeria is for us to build together and with the help of you, our most resourceful and resilient age bracket; the youth, we shall overcome.

On this note I want to conclude by saying: VOTE RIGHT, DON’T FIGHT .



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