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Barely a week when it was reported that an election was conducted to elect a new leader of Yoruba in Ibadan,prominent Yoruba group and the umbrella body of self determination groups on the south west , Coalition of Oodua Self determination Groups (COSEG) has described the election as a sham and ploy to create unnecessary bickerings in the region,stating that no Yoruba leader has emerged through election..


This position was made public by the chairman of the coordinating council of COSEG ,Comrade Dayo Ogunlana at the end of it’s monthly meeting,stressing that those who organised the sham election an not in anyway empowered to engage in such a delicate matter, warning that most of the personalities mentioned to have been present at the election had debunked same,showing the “ibadan show was a political gathering and not a Yoruba meeting of any such”.

The group stated that since the days of chief Obafemi Awolowo till the era of PA Abraham Adesanya,no election was held but they all emerged as Leaders naturally and the people accepted them wholeheartedly.


According to the COSEG leader”the purported election of a supposed Yoruba leader is an afront that can not stand anywhere. All the past Yoruba leaders were never elected but thrown up naturally. So we were surprised when some political lackeys of failed politicians in the region organised a political meeting ,dubbed such Yoruba meeting and elected a reputable Yoruba son as leader. This sham can not stay and we wish to inform the whole world that what took place in Ibadan was a meeting of some failed politicians. Where in history were they told Yoruba leaders were elected. All past leaders emerged naturally and the people equally submitted to them..”

Actually,”we would have kept quiet over the matter because we are sufficiently knowledgeable to know that such a charade can not stand,but several calls from prominent Yoruba sons and daughters across the globe made this intervention necessary. It’s pertinent to note that no notable Yoruba elder or prominent son or daughter was at the ibadan charade,which invariably signifies that it was not a truly Yoruba meeting. Moreover,few of those mentioned to have participated denounced their presence talkless of nominating anyway one. All these are pointer to the effect that those behind the charade are desperate politicians who have failed and trying to seek relevance again..” COSEG stated..

The group though eulogised the great qualities of Prof Akintoye but disagreed with the mischievous and destructive aim of the people who selected him who they described as busy body and all out to divide and by extension destroy the Yoruba race. Dayo Ogunlana said “However it’s imperative to state that the man alleged to have emerged Yoruba leader Prof. Banji Akintoye is a great historian , disciplinarian and a great Yoruba son ,who has paid his dues,but the process was fraught with irregularities which we can’t overlook as the organisers of the show of shame are out to destroy him,Yoruba virtues and the race itself. Its a divisive approach and the endpoint is better imagined, this the need for us to come out to say no to this clandestine move to destroy Prof. Banji Akintoye

Finally,the group assures all Yoruba sons and daughters to discountenance the alleged election of a Yoruba leader ,but rather see such as attempt by relevance seeking politicians in the region to gain prominence..

Conclusively”we want to appeal to Yorubas wherever they are to discountenance the purported election of a Yoruba leader as no leader of Yoruba extraction has emerged through that process. Yorubas know when truly those who are leading them positively.


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