About Us


The increase in the collaborative interest by many bodies, which include government and non-governmental bodies both within and outside the country is currently over whelming. This reveals to us that the world is watching our activities from near and far.
However we are not unaware of the fact that we need to be more careful and highly selective in our acceptance for collaboration.

More so, the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda has to accept the call to fully join the anti-corruption campaign for certain reasons.
Our basic ideological disposition is targeted towards complete emancipation of the oppressed from all forms of exploitation and oppression.
We are set to ensure zero tolerance to Human Right abuse. But this cannot be realized in the face of endemic corruption that is confronting the system.
Among other things, we find the determination of PMB to tackle the menace as genuine, hence our determination to render all possible support.
The present realities’ confronting the nation is that corruption is fighting back.
There are cabals across the strata who are harmonizing their strengths to frustrate the war against corruption.
The Human Right monitors is therefore left with no option option than to assist by joining other genuine groups of like minds in the battle to rescue the nation.

We are already on the battle field. the Lord is our strength


Aluta Continua!

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