Chrisland School: Concerned Nigerians Write Human Rights Group, HURMA for Intervention to Re-Open: Rights Monitors

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The office of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda, HURMA has been recently petitioned by some concerned parents in Lagos over the close down of the school by the Lagos State Government due to recent incident that claimed the life of one of the students.


The long time closure of the school is strongly condemned without Lagos government minding the future of other innocent students who have since remained at home with no academic program while their other friends and relatives are attending their school’s programs.

In the long letter, the petitioners call on the office of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda to quickly intervene in order to rescue the future of other children.


“Please recall that the Chrisland School at No. 28, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State has been put under lock and key since 10th February, 2023, due to an unfortunate incident that occurred during the Annual Inter House-sport event of the school at Agege stadium, where one of the students of the school, Whitney Adeniran, passed on. It was a tragic loss to the parents, Chrisland School and to the State.

“It is unfortunate that as Chrisland School; Whitney parents among others were mourning the loss, some unscrupulous elements took advantage of the situation to feed people on the social media with various distorted versions of the inaccurate account of the incident that resulted to the death of Whitney Adeniran. This, to a large extent, actually added to the grief of Chrisland School, the parents, the deceased colleagues in school and Lagos State Government and also caused unwarranted outrage by the public, who only had access to the distorted social media news by self – serving fifth columnists.

“It is imperative and essential to present to the public, the Chrisland School’s side of the story as so far gathered.
These are based on the account of some eye witnesses who were present during the whole incident. There are various available evidence that showed contrary position of the public uproars, sentiments and misinformation subsequent to the sad incident. There are also pictures and video camera recorded by both the staff of Chrisland School and the Stadium worker.


We are also not unaware that the management also contacted an independent investigator who came up with comprehensive report of the event that resultantly led to the death of Whitney Adeniran.

“We are prepared to make all the above available to the Human Rights body. There is also pictorial evidence that showed clearly that Whitney put on a sports canvass and there no water or any wire


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