HEDA on Internal Struggle to Rescue Nigeria, JAPA Not Possible For All- Arigbabu, Executive Sec- Rights Monitors

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The Executive Secretary of the lead Anti-Corruption body in Nigeria, HEDA Resource Center, Mr. Sulaimon Arigbabu has assured Nigerians of the determination of Human and Environment Development Agenda (HEDA Resource Center) to rescue the nation from the present condition that is making citizens to run to other countries in search of greener pastures.


This message was passed in his opening remarks at the just concluded One-Day media training workshop centered around the themed: “TRAINING FOR JOURNALIST ON CORRUPTION COVERAGE IN NIGERIA”, held at the Colossus Hotel in Lagos.
The media training was organized by Human and Environment Development Agenda (HEDA Resource Center) in Collaboration with Journalist for Democratic Rights (JODER) with support from Mac Arthur Foundation.

HEDA Executive Secretary, Sulaimon Arigbabu appealed to participants at the training to be completely focused in their determination to fight corruption, irrespective of whatever challenges which may include threat to life.


“It is not possible for all of us in Nigeria to JAPA, so our team at HEDA Resource Center is determined to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians from the present challenges born out of corruption which is not limited to the rulling class.
“Even if you finally JAPA and escape to another country you consider preferable to yours, it is still not possible to go with all your complete relatives. So it is advisable to join us in the struggle to rescue the nation.
“It is important to know that all countries have their challenges which they are facing. This include Global; Economic and Societal problems. It is however disheartening that while other countries are struggling to fix their problems, we in Nigeria are contained in corruption. But the only silver lining is that some people are committed, irrespective of whatever challenges”.

Arigbabu extended a special appeal to members of the Nigerian Media which he refered to as the fourth estate of the realm, to be more dedicated to commitment on Investigative journalism, especially in exposing corruption.

“Nigeria is in a big mess. The political class foolish; the Civil Service horrible; people dying in hospitals and teachers not available in Schools. We need the media to get out of this mess. It doesn’t matter how little your effort, it would definitely have some effect”.

Comrade Sulaimon Arigbabu finally encourage all to join hands in building a society that will protect all of us.

One of the guest lecturers, Dr. Tunde Akanni, Lecturer in School of Communication at LASU presented paper on “Improving the Capacity and Providing Support for Investigative Journalism and Editorial”. He assures Journalist of availability of all necessary tools for encouragement and support in ensuring good delivery.

“Investigative Journalism is actually dangerous in every part of the world, but we must see ourselves as someone who can contribute to the development of our society.
“There is no job without its risk, but we must be professional and not rely on unconfirmed information. With a body like HEDA Resource Center, good collaboration that will guarantee average security and support is assured”.

Bar. Nurudeen Ogbara speaks on “Legal Support, Collaboration and Protection for Journalists Against Threats and Harassments”.
Goodwill message was delivered by representatives from the ICPC and EFCC.

The Executive Director of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA Global Resource Initiative), Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak in a later interview with Rights Monitors crew expressed appreciation to HEDA Resource Center for such program and encourage other bodies to join in the struggle to rescue the nation.


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