Indigenes of Epe Send SOS to Human Rights Group, HURMA Over Lagos State Commissioner’s Conspiracy on Landed Properties.- Rights Monitors

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The office of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) has been contacted by some Lagos indigenes from Epe Local Government area Lagos state with a SOS letter, requesting the office to rescue them from the present predicament of a conspiracy between some Royal Fathers in the state and certain government officials which include the Commissioner for commerce and industry, to defraud them of their family heritage.


According to the letter, a similar appeal has gone to the office of the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu, but no response yet while the oppression continues.

The SOS letter reads in parts:
“It is no longer news that Lagos State Government acquired our land, for the purpose of Free Trade Zone. As a result of the acquisition of our land, the state government resettled the displaced communities under the umbrella of Free Zone Parcel B Resettlement communities, of which we are members of the 248 communities that formed Abomiti, Yeguda & Eyin-Osa.


“Sequel to the resettlement, a memorandum of understanding was executed with the representatives of the communities, and the same was signed by the Lagos State Government, and the representatives of the committee.

“However, most of those who signed as representatives are protégé of Lola Akande, Oba Olusegun, and Oba Animashaun. In furtherance of the memorandum of understanding, for the resettlement of the displaced communities, the state government instructed the committee to register themselves, so that their certificate of occupancy can be issued to them in their names. Oba Olusegun, who ported himself as a registered surveyor to the committee, and recently referred to himself as the consultant to the Lagos state government, claiming to be fronting for some officers of the Lagos State government parastatal, wherein the officers want two (2) per acres to settle some of the officials of the Lagos State government through which the committee registered in proxy.

“However, going through the trustees in each of the zone supervised by the Oba Olusegun Awokoya, it’s clearly shown that most of the registered trustees are not even indigenous members of the committee but rather close associates of Oba Olusegun and that of the Oloja of Epe, particularly one Jelili Oluwaseyi Arimi, who is a trustee on both the Eyin-Osa, and Yeguda resettlement zone, one of the militants of the said Oba Onirete, and doesn’t belong to any of the displaced communities that were settled. So, it amazes one how someone that doesn’t belong to a community became a trustee in the registration of such communities.

“For a clearer understanding of our point sir, almost all the members in the committees are Oba Olusegun and Oba Kamarudeen’s proxy, the person of Chief Jelili Arimi Oluwaseyi, who is the Baale Deesa at Abule Foli, close to Eti-Osa not in any way related to parcel B resettlement committee. He is one of the armed militants of Oba Olusegun, he’s also a trustee of all the zones. Chief Waheed Oluwo, the Odofin of Oloja Epe and also the chairman, ‘Central Working Committee’ is the number one salesman of.

“We will appreciate you use your good office to urgently rescue us secure our resettlement land meant for resettling our displaced communities”.

According to additional statement by Comrade Khadijat Apena who is the Coordinator of HURMA is Epe unit and as well member of the affected families, “It is also important that we inform the world that the imposture, Olatunji Oluwo was never appointed by we the affected family to oversee our property, but was conspicuously imposed by the king. We therefore deny any affiliation with him on the landed properties.”

The Executive Director of HURMA, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak in response enjoined the affected people to be calm and ensure they maintain law and order till Justice prevail. He however promised that the right group will do everything within its network in the ambit of law to ensure that the affected poor Lagos indigenes get justice.


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