Reviewing Somolu General Hospital on 2022 World Human Rights Day: Right Group, HURMA Tasks Council Boss on Total Transparency and Accountability- Rights Monitors

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The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda has called on the Chairman of Somolu Local Government, Honourable Salawu Hammed, Dullar to immediately break silence on the general affairs of the council, especially as it affects the proposed expansion of the Somolu General Hospital project.


HURMA used the occasion of the 2022 World Human Rights Day to communicate the decision from a stakeholders meeting held on the General Hospital to the council chairman. According to the letter from the office of HURMA and signed by its Executive Director, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak, the silence of the council Boss is indirectly authenticating many rumors flying around as regards why the hospital project abandoned. HURMA emphasized that it is the Constitutional right of the people to know how their affairs and resources are being managed and spent.

Copy of the letter was sent to Lagos State governor and the first lady among others considered stakeholders and whose image may be affected if not promptly addressed.


The letter titled:
“Report of Concerned Stakeholders Meeting on Somolu General Hospital.
Demands For Total Transparency and Accountability”.

“The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA Global Resource Initiative) is a registered body with a mandate to protect the violation of the fundamental rights of people as entrenched in the relevant provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) and African Charter of Human and Peoples’ Right. We have strong bias for the defense of the oppressed and victims of human right abuses and ultimately determined towards complete emancipation of every oppressed members of our societies from all forms of exploitation and oppression.
“HURMA wish to hereby communicate the demands of Concerned Somolu citizens to you via this medium, many of whom have long been crying in silence. The recent meeting of Concerned Citizens and CSO organized by HURMA was seen as an opportunity by many to express their grievances and displeasure with the present state of the General Hospital which was our major reason for calling the meeting among other things.
“The people of Somolu wish to know the true state of things concerning the General Hospital so as to save them from the present fear and uncertainty. Your silence on this matter has however given room to several rumors flying around on why the General Hospital project has been put on hold after demolition of the big Local Government Secretariat so as to create more space for the purpose of expanding the General Hospital.
“Please recall Sir that this decision to demolish the Somolu Local Government Secretariat for the purpose of expanding the General Hospital was as a result of HURMA led struggle that started during the tenure of the present First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, as the then Medical Director of Somolu General Hospital. One Mrs. Ester, a pregnant woman (allegedly killed by the health workers) died at the hospital on the excuse of “no bed space”. This “No bed space” was then becoming a regular phrase in the Hospital which people reported regularly to us then. The death of the pregnant woman on same excuse infuriated many and some decided to attack the health workers, according to report directly to our office. For the general good of all, HURMA took the challenge to ensure peace and at the same time ensure good move to prevent further occurrence of such incidence in future. The intervention of the Lagos State House of Assembly through our dear Hon. Olowo Rotimi, facilitated a quick resolution. Moreso, Mrs. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu personally promised our office that if her husband emerged as governor, she would facilitate a general improvement of the hospital including building additional structures for the good of not only Somolu people, but as well nearby communities.
Thus need to extend the General Hospital led to the complete demolition of the Somolu Local Government Secretariat.
“Our office was informed by you Sir around early 2022 that His Excellency, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had released some money to kick start the project. But only for us all to see that the initially commenced work has now stopped.
This has led to several curiosities and insinuations flying around in the community and beyond.
“To some, major money released on the hospital extension project has been diverted for the Tinubu 2023 campaign agenda and the rest money embesstled. Some people are spreading the rumors that there is a big disagreement between the top political office holders in Somolu over the demolished Secretariat and this is delaying the project. Some are as well saying that a later disagreement emerged between His Excellency, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Mr. Bola Hammed Tinubu over a leaked intention to concede the General Hospital after completion to the former Medical Director of Somolu General Hospital who is now the first lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu. This concession is more of privatization and this would deny the poor community members access to good and affordable health. It is being rumoured that the APC Presidential aspirant, Mr. Bola Hammed Tinubu disagreed with the concession agenda and for that reason the project could not proceed.
“Sir, this is the more reason why you can not afford to remain silent on this project. We are hereby demanding that you please release Somolu people from the present darkness as regards why the General Hospital project has been suspended. Moreso, we would appreciate complete transparency and accountability on the general affairs of the local government.
“It is the constitutional rights of the people of Somolu community, just like others nationwide, to know how their resources is being managed by whomever it is entrusted to.
As public administrators contend with competing priorities, they need to make important decisions as regards operating with complete transparency and accountability. Decisions made by governments today will impact generations to come and will have implications for future . The basic social contract between governments and citizens is continually changing, and therefore, there is heightened need for transparency and accountability to help citizens understand how public funds are being managed and spent, how decisions are made and why, and the evidence and information to support decisions.
“As the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) joins the rest members of the Human Rights community around the globe to celebrate the 2022 World Human Rights Day which is observed annually every 10th December, we strongly believe that our request on behalf of the general Somolu community would be given urgent attention.
“Thanks for your understanding and anticipated prompt response.”


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