Insecurity: Governor Sanwo-Olu May Prefer Spread of Hoodlums in Lagos ~ Comrade Buna on “Labe-Ofin” (Rule of Law) @ Bond FM 92.9, Radio Nigeria

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Cultism and the spread in Lagos community was a topic treated with transparent pains on the radio program “Labe-Ofin” (Rule of Law) @ Bond FM 92.9, today Tuesday, April 27 by the presenter Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak, the Executive Director of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA)


Cultism and hooliganism is one of the social ills that has bedeviled our society for quite some time.  It has become so bad that primary schools’ pupils are reportedly getting initiated into the evil practice. Hooliganism has brought nothing but pains and anguish to affected individuals.

Across the country, it is not unusual to hear news of deadly cult wars that left in its trails wanton destruction of properties and sometimes lives. Such attacks do not portray our society in a positive light. Since development only thrives in a peaceful and conducive environment, the dastardly activities of these cult boys not only impede development, they also depict our society in bad light.


The increase in the activities of cult boys and thugs across Lagos State has become alarming and it has caused a lot of damages ranging from destruction and loss of lives and properties, unsafe and inhabitable environment.

Severally, the government has tried to clamp down on their activities by publicly creating awareness of the ills created by the groups in the society and even as far as publicizing the punishment meted to victims when apprehended. Recently in a bid to tackle cultism in the State, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu recently signed the bill for the Prohibition of Unlawful Societies and Cultism of 2021 into law, approving a 21-year jail term for convicted cultists in the State.

Despite the recent government so much broadcasted anti cultism activities, existing realities across nooks and corners across the state reflect daily increase in hoodlums.
This claim was supported by callers who contributed to the live program “Labe-Ofin” (Rule of Law) at Bond F.M 92.9 on Tuesday.

Few days back, an SOS was sent to the office of the Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) via the radio program Labe-Ofin by members of Ijora-Badia community at Apapa Iganmu. The presenter Comrade Buna Isiak, the Executive Director Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) boldly maintained that it appears from present realities that the government may be benefiting from the hoodlums either as election violence machineries or something similar.

The program in conclusion advice that the Lagos state government should demonstrate its willingness and sincerity by getting the hoodlums off Lagos street by all means possible without necessarily violating the fundamental rights of innocent citizens


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