MUST YOU WISH ALL DEAD PEOPLE REST IN PEACE?| Opinion by Damilola Adegoke ~ Rights Monitors

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Nigeria is a funny country where oppressors have this urge to wish everyone Rest in Peace. I think it is a religious thing. Since everyone must die, we must someone wish the deceased well, so we may get some respite from the grim reaper when we come to our end too.


If IBB passed today, a lot of people who knew the man as of the contributor to the parlous state of the country will still wish him Aljana Firdaus or Rest in Peace.

Our unwillingness to question those with money will continue to be our undoing.


Don’t judge, don’t judge; yet, many hardworking youths are unemployed, despondent and may not come to their full potential. One BAT in Lagos has turned the entire state to his private property denying the state of attaining its full potential. If Lagos were a country, some experts say it would be the 10th biggest economy in Africa; yet, the state is barely existing. If he should pass on today, the same oppressed would wish him RIP despite contributing to their poverty.

Must we wish all departed people Rest in Peace? That’s if even that makes sense. When you are dead, you are dead. It’s not any rest. It’s the cessation of life. Period!


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