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Under the scorching sun rays, herdsmen clustered around Presidential aspirant, Mr Omoyele Sowore in Taraba and Adamawa states on Monday as the young, charismatic former students’ leader discussed the future of grazing and climate change with the Fulani young men.
Sowore took the bull by the horn emerging as perhaps one of Nigeria’s most striking and unusual personality that has risen to challenge a decadent status quo that for decades has kept millions of Nigerians trampled and exhausted.
Fulani herdsmen have had violent clashes with farmers in what local and international observers describe as the most recurrent violence in Africa’s biggest country of 170 million people.
“Im here as a Presidential aspirant that listens to all shades of opinion. Im here to listen to fears and aspirations so that together we can make Nigeria great again”, Sowore told the herdsmen after he had pulled his convoy aside to interact with the suntanned cattle herders.
One of the herdsmen who spoke in Fulbe said he was excited that “someone from the other part of the country has shown interest in listening to our own story.”
According to our news source, Sowore asked the knotty question if the herdsmen would love to have ranches with grass and water as a substitute to wandering for thousands of miles for green fortunes.
The herdsmen were said to be excited by the idea that would help them avoid clashes and at the same time find solutions to the cows’ needs.
Sowore has been on a weeklong campaign tours of Northern Nigeria where he has been meeting with mostly young people who represent not less than 60 percent of Nigerian voting population. Though the activist is yet to pick a platform, consultations are currently being held with him by other political parties who appear to be enthralled by the magic and electric impact his campaigns have continue to stir.

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