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Dear Sir,


It becomes imperative for our office to do this letter to you because scarcely would any of those around you do that.
We also vote to make it public because we don’t know of any office to address it and people are also scared of entering your house at George Street, in Somolu. You may please prove us wrong by declaring an office open for proper contact and as well be visibly accessible to those back biters.

The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda
(HURMA) is a body committed to equity and justice in his service to humanity. I am sure you would not be annoyed with some of our messages because you know the character I am made up of since my leadership at the Somolu L.G for the CDHR during which time you were the council chairman of shomolu L.G.
I became close to you through Comrade Ladi Omifare, your right hand man, as at then. Ladi Omifare is a leader in struggle who has always been a member of CDHR from his school days at UNILAG. For his love for our activities, he facilitated the financial assistance you once gave to our office then. I knew Ladi was as well surprised to see our office criticizing some of your policies though an open protest at the Local Government Secretariat and had it covered by the media just few days after giving us some money. I can still recollect that you sent to ask why condemning you when you just gave us money and I made it clear that when you sent the money to us, I personally asked what for? The response was that it was meant to support our struggle. I informed you that top on our agenda is to protest some not friendly policies of yours and have it covered by the media but we didn’t have money. The money you gave therefore was use for that purpose_ struggle. Though you may not like what we did, you saw sincerity in the response and we all laughed it off, and the struggle continued.
It is therefore with the same sincerity that am writing you this letter.
Sir, it is highly rumored on many streets and in Somolu and Bariga that you stole Chicago’s mandate, but I talk where necessary that it is not possible to still the people’s mandate, except with sound negotiations and compromise. This however depends on the sincerity of those involved. The truth is that many are not talking good of you. Over 98% of those shouting kuye online and around you are simply doing so for selfish reasons. They say many unpalatable things in your back. As a mass based organisation, we get reports from all of the nooks and crannies of all streets, both from direct report and indirect research. Almost all people are speaking ill of you. It is however the same source that present Hon. Olowo Rotimi as a saint, though we know he is not. They see Olowo as someone that will physically make himself available to commensurate with a nobody on the street, fight to defend an ordinary citizen with passion and identify with the less privileged without exhibition of a class Status. We had no choice but to commend him based on popular demand in our recent publication titled “RADICAL ACTIVIST COMMENDS HON. OLOWO ……”
We are however sure he understands our message clearly that if he falters, we fight him.
Apology for the above comparison, but it is a necessary action because we want a new Kuye. A man that would truly be accessible to people and pass in reality as a true representative of his people.
We beg you Sir to please be a means to the fulfillment of God’s purpose in people’s lives. You are already a rich man and comfortable with many properties that even if you don’t touch your salaries any more, non of your children nor close relatives would naturally suffer.
I understand the psychological burden that average public officers face in our present society. Many see them as ATM.
We would therefore not relent in educating them to stop bordering you with personal needs, but to only confront and give you sleepless night with community burdens.
So much we truly believe that even though many did not like you at present, you are God’s chosen for the office of the Federal House of Representative for Somolu Constituency.


Yours in Struggle,
Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak
HURMA Executive Director

Comrade Monsur Aderemi
Somolu Coordinator


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