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The members of FREE LAGOS MOVEMENT in a world press conference held today have insisted that the National leader of APC, Bola Hameed Tinubu is not a democrat as but an autocratic self centred person.


The conference with the theme: SETTING LAGOS FREE FROM BOURDILLON BONDAGE was spare headed by Mr. Olisa Agbakoba SAN, Mr Yinka Odumakin, Comrade Mark Adebayo.

The full text as obtained by Rights Monitors reads:


“Gentlemen of the Press, you will recall that we invited you last week Thursday on the activities of #FreeLagosMovement. You will also recall that policemen came to disrupt the press conference. Today, we are here to make further clarifications on some of the issues we raised. First, the issue of police permission for rally has been settled by the Supreme Court that you don’t need police permit for political gathering, what is more, what we planned to do was a press conference and not a rally. The Commissioner of Police should not engage in any act that will compromise professionalism in its operation. We want to implore the Security agencies to maintain its neutrality before, during and after the election
It is instructive to note that OTOGE was okay when it was done in Kwara, Ogun, Imo because the promoters in the aforementioned states were members of the All Progressives Congress. We implore the police to be professional and stop taking side.

Second, where is the 1.8m APC members that voted for PMB in Lagos during the primaries? How many votes were recorded for the APC presidential candidate on February 23 during the presidential and National Assembly election? These are issues to be interrogated as we go into the governorship election this Saturday in order to avoid rigging. Tinubu, who was made the co-chairman of President Muhammadu Buhari campaign council promised to deliver 3m votes for its presidential candidate and cumulatively, the total votes cast was less than 1.2m. We urge Lagosians to shine their eyes so as not to be short-changed. Tinubu is now more desperate to rig the election and has given all the party members in the council and the state executive council a marching order to ensure that his candidate, Babajide Sanwoolu emerges against all odds come Saturday. We need to be vigilant so that these desperados do not endangered our nascent democracy through their brigandage and acts inimical to free, fair and peaceful election.

Thirdly, those who claimed Bola Tinubu is a democrat, what is democratic about one man deciding who gets what in Lagos? With the obscene pension that he appropriated for himself that his successor, Babatunde Fashola was ashamed of and rejected. Tinubu has become a conduit pipe siphoning the resources of the state through amorphous organizations. From HITECH CONSTRUCTION to ALPHA-BETTA CONSULTING, Lagos has never witnessed such primitive accumulation and financial plundering of her resources since it became a colony.


He has cornered everything for himself and family. Apart from the wife, Senator Oluremi, his in-law, Lola Akande, his nephew, Adedamola Kasumu and his daughter, Sade Ojo-Tinubu that were positioned, his son, Seyi, who is not a member of APCON has just cornered N3BN Outdoor Advertising using the Lagos State Signage Agency, LAASA as a cover. Outdoor Advertising in the state has been compromised by subverting the constitution; same with Land Use Charge all making local government councils weak and ineffective. We also want Lagosians to know that 15% of every tax collected across the state goes to ALPHA-BETTA CONSULTING while the Lagos Internal Revenue that was empowered by the law does not get such ‘outrageous commission’. Even when the former managing director of the ALPHA-BETTA CONSULTING sent a strongly worded petition to the EFCC with evidence, we are yet to hear what the anti-graft commission has done to stem this brazen fraud and rape on the state being perpetrated before our eyes. And you heard his response to the bullion vans that were found in his house on the eve of the election. We didn’t know when his house has become a bank. This has further shown his penchant for his corrupt tendencies.

All these impunity and act of being ‘above the law’ being perpetrated by Tinubu has further reinforced our determination to put an end to his brigandage. As we leave this venue of the press conference, all our local government chapter of OTOGE LAGOS have been fully mobilized to continue the house to house campaign to rid the state of TInubu and his agents who have taken more than enough from our patrimony. What we are doing is for posterity, bearing in mind that all it takes the evils to triumph is for people of goodwill to fold the arms and do nothing.

We are appealing to all Lagosians that come Saturday, March 09 , 2019, they should use their PVCs and vote wisely to end the era of the overbearing godfather (Tinubu) whose godson, Babajide Sanwoolu has even confessed in one of his media interactions that he is tied to the apron string of Tinubu and that he will be economical with the truth if he says , he won’t defer to Tinubu on all issues.
We also want to inform the gentlemen of the press that despite the fact that the APC constitution has no provision for disclaimer, some of the officers of the Party have continue to act in a way inimical to party cohesion and consensus. It is purely an impunity and abuse of process to issue a disclaimer on Senator Tokunbo AFIKUYOMI who has stated clearly on the New Year Day that he would function as Independent Service Provider which was widely reported by the media.

Joe Igbokwe’s penchant for fake news is legendary. You will recall that on several occasions he has been found wanting. Shortly after the minister of information and culture launched the campaign against the fake news, Joe Igbokwe was the first culprit when he made a false claim that President Muhammadu Buhari has replaced his Chief Security Officer, Bashir Abubakar with an Igbo Officer ACP, Obinna Chukwuka in an attempt to portray Mr. President as detribalised Nigerian. It was discovered as a brazen lie. He didn’t stop there, when the news of non-participation in NYSC scheme of former Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun was published by Premium Times, Igbokwe was at it again spewing lies with photo shopped image of Kemi Adeosun in NYSC fatigue with the caption,” Wailers will you keep quiet!”. On December 8, 2018, Igbokwe posted a picture purportedly taken at APC rally in Kano, but unfortunately for Igbokwe, President Buhari couldn’t visit Kano and his lies were exposed. Besides, Igbokwe is a double agent, while canvassing for Bola Tinubu’s presidency in 2023, he is also doing same in the south east for 2023. The question is; If this is the character of APC spokesperson in Lagos, what do you expect from such Party other than impunity and all manner of shenanigans? Igbokwe’s penchant for lies and unfounded allegations is responsible for why people have decided to dump the APC. This is the finest hour to embrace liberty and justify our right to choose without rule of force or intimidation by one man and Yes Men, Women and Boot Lickers.

Finally, the Igbos should not be deceived by the endorsement procured by the APC. The National President of Ohanaese Ndigbo worldwide, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, has issued a disclaimer that its members will not vote for the APC because of its anti-people’s programmed.They should vote for candidate of their choice come Saturday, March 09,2019. This is a clarion call to all and sundry that this is the best opportunity to liberate ourselves from the iron grip and oppressive regime of Bourdillon that has held the state down for 20 years. Enough is enough!
On March 09, with your PVCs vote for Freedom, Justice, Peace and Development.

Vote to liberate yourselves.
Lagos and Lagosians shall be free.
It’s our collective responsibility. Let’s do it again.
Thank you all.”

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