TOO HASTY TO STAND WITH MAGU – Adeola Soetan | Rights Monitors


Since all of us have been talking of Abacha loots and other recovered loots being re-looted over the years, I think it will be too hasty to “Stand with Magu” now under investigation for corruption and re-looting. Rather, we should stand for his fair and free investigation and trial, if it comes to that. This is the most sensible way to help the anti-corruption war if truly we are serious about it.


When we say that recovered loots are being re-looted, are we just saying it for fun, mere blackmail, partisan interest or with selective blindness to create our preferred scapegoats, or sacred cows? If not, then no one including Obasanjo, the founder of EFCC and Buhari should be above investigation and prosecution when necessary. , Anti-corruption war should be a respecter of no one including the incumbent or past chairpersons of EFCC and ICPC. This is the only way to strength the anti-graft crusade.

Nigeria is a vast looting field, a criminal enterprise held at the jugular by the unrepentant corrupt political merchants and other members of the plundering elite, so it will be senseless to beat ones chest for any member of the ruining ruling class when accused except the person is appropriately cleared by the court of law after diligent trial.


We should not forget that Buhari, the Baba Seriki Integrity, once beat his chest that Abacha never stole public fund possibly because of the trust he had on him. But if he has now learned from a disappointing experience with the Abacha’s uncountable loot, he should not be begrudged for allowing Magu, his beloved anti-corruption “son” and head hunter in whom he was pleased for five years, to be subjected to rigorous investigation when weighty allegations of corruption are levied against him. Doing otherwise will continue to cast aspersion on his government integrity and the anti-corruption war.

In your house or area, learn how to trust your “Mai Guaid” , but trust him wholeheartedly at your own peril. In anti-corruption war, there shouldn’t be unconditional love or absolute trust for the crusaders or government but only critical support at all time, hence all eyes must be on all eyes.

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