Over-Trumplisation of Chloroquine | Opinion by Adeola Soetan ~Rights Monitors


We cannot continue to Trumplise Chloroquine or Chloroquinise Trump in a season of pandemic. Politics and public health concerns should not meet every time there’s a need for validation of claims and counter-claims.on treatment protocol of covid-19.


Dr. Stella, the latest “Chloroquine evangelist” didn’t say anything new at all. . Even our NCDC here in Nigeria and some asymptomatic covid-19 patients without underlying life threatening ailment, who were treated and discharged from isolation centres with hydroxychloroquine, Vit. C, and Zithromax testified to the prophylactic medical value of Chloroquine.

Before the awaited “messianic drug” for the cure of covid comes on shelf, which may not come in decades, any medical claim and counter claim should be evaluated all the time beyond “market mob” noise borne out of just morbid fear of coronavirus or Trump hangover.


I remember that the multinational profit motivated capitalist drug cartels including some big masquerades in the pharmabiz in Nigeria nearly roasted Prof. Olikoye Ransome-Kuti and his team of “dissident” medical practioners when they insisted on a simple salt and sugar (ORT) solution for treatment of dehydration as part of the primary health care system particularly for the children, thereby demystifing the expensive well packaged drugs we were used to. Today, sugar and salt solution earlier rejected is now to the rescue used by nursing mothers even in our villages.

I always laugh and laugh anytime I listen to the “no cure for covid-19” orchestra particularly from overzealous poor and struggling people in medically stagnated countries like Nigeria where malaria that has cure and it’s preventable kills an average of 300,000 citizens (not Obasanjo Chickens o) per annum.

Yes, there’s no cure as WHO claimed at least for now but , I ask, what will poor people do if they are tested positive for covid and told to isolate at home because the isolation centres cannot accommodate them and they cannot afford the expensive private clinic care, what will they do if along the line they have malaria.
They should just fold their arms and shout: “No cure for covid” and die like Obasanjo chicken even when they have been confirmed not to have any serious life threatening ailment except a possible reoccurence malaria.


Then I ask again, all these our covid positive “Oga at the top” treated and discharged, what drugs are the NCDC or private clinics they visited administered on them? “No cure for covid drug” drug?

Just recently, Lagos State health commissioner who has been commendably working round the clock to save lives, announced that the state spends an average stupefying amount of N100, 000 to N1m per day to treat a covid patient at the isolation centres depending on the severity of the patient’s conditions. , The question is with what drugs were the released patients treated? Answer: “no cure to covid drugs”?

Chloroquine like other drugs, even paracetamol, has some severe side effects particularly on the liver when abused, one of the reasons it was said to be withdrawn for treatment of fever decades ago. Many people above 40 belonged to Chloroquine and Nivaquine generation in Nigeria and many doctors still miss the drug as a drug of first choice in treating malaria but for its restriction. Chloroquine is a well familiar drug, so if some medical practioners, many before Dr. Stella are still insisting of its potency in the interim, they cannot just be discarded with a wave of the hand largely on the basis of anti-Trumpism or mere wired market mob instinct, but by scientific evaluation and re-evaluation of claims and counter claims especially in a period of pandemic where everyone seems to be helpless for now and lives must be saved.

Yes, covid-19 is real, I think there’s medical practitioners consensus on that, what is still debatable is the line of treatment for C19 patients whose health conditions are not critical and without underlying serious ailments.

When Gregor Mendel the father of genetics science, came out with his gene theory, hell was let lose but he insisted. it was after his death that he was given posthumous award for his work.
Let the debate and verification of claims and counter claims continue beyond Trump fixation. I may not like Trump and Trumpism, but I can’t tie myself to a Trump fixation. That’s not the scientific approach.

Trump was born in 1946, Chloroquine, was discovered in 1934 and introduced into medicine in the 1940s well, well before Trump.
Dr. Okupe’s testimony.
Lastly, below is what Dr. Okupe, a medical doctor, said on his treatment with Chloroquine and other drugs after he contracted covid-19, isolated, treated and discharged:

Updated: May 14, 2020
I used hydroxychloroquine, three other drugs for my COVID-19 —Okupe

A former spokesman for ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo has detailed his experience with COVID-19 and the medications he took to get well.

Doyin Okupe, a medical doctor, shared this via his Facebook page.

In a post titled, ‘The medications I took for my COVID-19 virus infections,’ he said he used a combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, Zinc sulphate and vitamin C.

In terms of dosages, Okupe wrote: “Hydroxychloroquine, 400mg daily for two days. Thereafter 400mg daily for three days.

“Azithromycin 500mg daily for 10 days. Zinc sulphate 100mg daily till today. Vitamin C 1,200 mg daily till now.”


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