SAN: An Honour Long Due to Kunle Adegoke (K-RAD)| Comrade Buna Isiak- Right Monitors



Dear Kunle Adegoke, SAN. (K-RAD)


On behalf of all members of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA), I say congratulations on your well deserved elevation to the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN.
This is no doubt, a position you long deserved as we all variously expected from our limited conscious minds. But Almighty Allah, the Universal Consciousness had long chosen this day 14th of December, 2020 as the best time for you, even before the creation of the entire universe.

Long before I met you, I had learnt, during one of our radical studies in an ideological class, how you earned the name “K-Rad” which means Kunle Radical, during your days in the university (seriously a long story for another day). I learnt how you were determined to sacrifice many years of your academic pursuits simply for the realisation of a just society.


As a God fearing Comrade, people see natural gentleness on your face out of sincere humility, yet radicalism in all ramifications vibrates in you. Even though you look so gently like someone who can not finish the smallest pap in a leaf rap (Eni ti kole je Eko Kan tan) you are an unshakeable rock in the face of struggle.

The leadership of HURMA and entire members are happy to be associated with genuine personality like you and pray that Almighty God continue to uplift you as you continue to uplift humanity.

With this honour on a personality like yours, we are hopeful of a better Nigeria where men of honourable character are given awards of highest honour.


For and on behalf of entire Members and associates of HURMA Global Resource Initiative, I say congratulations once again to our learned silk.

Your in Struggle,

Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak
HURMA Executive Director


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