AMOTEKUN: AKEREDOLU’S BAD JOKE ON SANWO-OLU. Opinion by Adeola Soetan. Rights Monitor

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Akeredolu’s ‘Bad Joke’ at the launch of Amotekun should just remain a joke.


If not, why should Sanwoolu want to fly helicopter from Lagos to Ibadan, a distance of 120km, to attend the Amotekun programme launch when there were no leopards to devour him on Lagos – Ibadan express road, Lagos – Epe – Ibadan, Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan highways or any alternative routes of his choice?

The excuse of weather problem, as announced by Gov. Akeredolu, that prevented Sanwoolu from flying to Ibadan would not have arisen in the first instance if Sanwoolu had planned ahead to move by road for such an important programme that needed open endorsement of all governors as a security outfit in whom they were well pleased. Traveling by road would have also given Sanwoolu a clear picture of the fear, frustration and agony citizens go through everyday on those terribly bad portions of the roads.


Amotekun Day was pre-planned, as a star anti-crime programme flaunted by South West governors and many of their uncritical Amotekun supporters, no south west governors in the country should have excuse for not attending the launch except on health ground. Or have we started having chameleons moving with leopards in the already politically foul crime infested environment?

Well, the lifespan of Leopards is 12 – 17 years, let’s hope that the lifespan of our own Amotekun (leopards) as an interventionist security outfit will not be determined by 2023 election circle and political intrigues of the godfathers and the creators of Amotekun who are themselves the deadly AMOTEKUN of power politics who may also deploy Amotekuns as political thugs and ballot box snatchers like the federal Amotekuns were used for the “ta ta ta” ballot war in Kogi State.

Time will tell about the genuineness or otherwise of the Amotekun as a purely security outfit. This is the reason citizens while welcoming the birth of Amotekun should be supportive but always be vigilant and demand for democratic control, management and participation including recruitment and policy directions of the agency.


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