THE CORPORATE STREET TRADERS – opinion by Adeola Soetan.

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Gala and Pure Water sellers are not the real notorious street traders but the roadside banks, event centres, club houses, industries, prayer & miracle centres amongst others with inadequate parking space that daily constitute nuisance to motorists leading to gridlock.


These corporate street traders see the main roads as extension of their business premises without scruples. They freely impinge on people’s right of movement with impunity as if their victims will share in their profits or miracles.

Traffic is stopped to allow banks bullion van and bank customers in and out of bank limited space while other customers park indiscriminately on the roadsides. Most banks in Lagos have carparks for less than 50 cars. And you see their security operatives waving ‘Egbere flags’ to stop traffic with the crude arrogance and confidence of a government accredited ballot box snatcher.


Weekend is always worse at times. It is the period for event centres of 2000 seats capacity but with space for 50 vehicles to unleash their own punishment on us. Then one starts to wonder which government agency approved the siting of such big event centres with very limited parking places by the roadsides. OK, the owners are the lawless big boys and girls, the untouchable fat cows who control the lever of government in Lagos and other states? Rubbish!

The sealing of Quilox Niteclub for constituting nuisance to road users as claimed by the police and Lagos state government, if it was true, is in order. But, as usual, it is a mere fire brigade approach to problems that are endemic with us.

Government should start sealing up all these corporate street traders from now on in order to return sanity on our roads. And new applications for building approval should be rejected for event centres, banks, clubhouses and prayer & miracle centres that do not have corresponding / adequate carparks for patrons. If not, a day will come when approval will be given for an event center to be sited on the third mainland bridge. And I know, some people will justify it. After all, many patent fools are already justifying government tyranny of detention without court order of Sowore and Mandate and rationalizing attack of government thugs on pro-democracy and human right protesters. How much more the tyranny of notorious roadside traders that impinge on the rights of others all in the name of commerce and profit…


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