NNBA and NBA, Association or Disasssociation in a Union is a Fundamental Right of Choice – opinion by Adeola Soetan


Staying or leaving a country as an ethnic nationality or as an individual or group in any human relationship should be as simple as ABC. Some lawyers in the North have just displayed this simplicity of right of association by declaring another lawyers association, NNBA, without fight, gunshot or blood letting because they disagreed with their “mother union”. NBA.


Notwithstanding how worthy or unworthy their reasons may be for quitting the bigger union, I think they have just exercised their fundamental human right of association or disassociation legally and peacefully. Self-determination is a right of association within an association or of ethnic nationality within a union or a country

I don’t know from where some extremists and pretentious nationalists got this their bogus singsong that: “the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable, Nigeria is indivisible. Nigeria is a divine creation of God/Allah, even when they know that the”old heaven” before the rebellion of Satan was also divided into the kingdoms of God and Satan thereby confusing the faithful which of the kingdoms they are bound when they become expired, God’s kingdom called Heaven or Satan’s kingdom (which heaven canvassers enviously & contemptuously tagged Hell)?


A nation, organisation, partnership or any human relationship does not advance on mere sloganeering but on actuality, the interrelationship, understanding, aspirations of its nationalities who voluntarily agreed to co-habit or dissociate peacefully without force, intimidation or compulsion. Humanity has developed beyond mechanistic relationship. Nationhood is not built and cannot survive on the unrealistic divine philosophy of “for better for worse”

About a month ago, a younger friend informed me that his wife of ten years with two children suddenly packed out of his house, no fight, no domestic violence, no altercation, no hunger, no sex starvation and no notice of dissolution of the matrimony. This young (ex) couple belonged to all these “kurukere kurukere” religious couples, so one began to wonder what could have happened. The wife’s parents said she didn’t also tell them the reason. Must she, if she felt not? I think No.

My initial response to the young friend who looked dazed by his sudden change of status to “abandoned new bachelor” was jocular; ” maybe your wife changed leather to a better, stronger, sweeter and more reliable leather”
But on a serious note, I made him understand that as painful it may look it was better for the one-sided technical divorce to take place than a secret or open matrimonial war that may lead to death or prolonged insincere relationship. As an adult, the wife has a right to how she wants to live and having taken her exit, the next thing was to enter into dialogue on the care of the children and assets sharing, if any.

Women are evolving with education, global civilization and rights. Marriage is becoming an hypocritical institution and may be on its way out. It’s no more a man’s monopolist institution of multiple sex indulgence, or “privatization of woman’s private parts and emotions” by men called his husbands on the basis of marriage blackmail or culture pretext. I see in future a renewable marriage system on the basis of negotiation after expiration of the first term

Humanity must express itself, there won’t be any pretence again. It’s happening already but it’s going to be the norms in due course with the civilization wind.

Nations are made of human beings, the dynamism of human must have hs pull or push domino effects on families, nations and other social institutions. We must be prepared to appreciate these dynamics.


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