THE UNRESOLVED NBA CRISIS By Attorney Carole Ajie | Rights Monitors


Circumstances compelling the invocation of Article 6 sub 2;of NBA Constitution 2015 as amended in 2019.



1) In 2018, NBA held an election which was controverted and a complaint of phishing and theft of identity of voters was lodged in EFCC by the Head if ICT of the lead candidate Arthur Obi Okafor SAN in the person of Oluwokore OBM.


2) Sequel to extensive investigation of the said allegation of violation of the provisions of the Cybercrime Act, EFCC charged two staff of NBA who conceded having rigged 2018 election for Mr Paul Usoro SAN to emerge as NBA President.

3) Conversely Mr Paul Usoro SAN described himself as NBA President 2018-2020 and held the office during the period which ended 30/8/2020 or 29/8/2020 on which latter date Mr Usoro Swore-in Mr Olu Akpata to succeed him as President’.

4) On Saturday 30/8/2020, Mr Akpata’s statement to the NBA and members of the public was posted and read online. In it, he spat venom bitter & sounded vindictive.

5) NBA cannot enjoy peace and justice which NBA ought to now experience, under the venomship of non-magnanimous and vindictive person with disputed Offices and controversial election currently subject of Efcc investigation following a petition submitted to EFCC by NBA August 2020 1st Vice Presidential Candidate Mr Bayo Akinlade.

6) The said Mr. Akpata has constituted NBA election reform committee without input from other presidential candidates, one of whom had petitioned against him to NBA incorporated Trustees where some BoT members called for cancellation of the result announced by ECNBA on grounds inter alia of fraud voters list expanded beyond the list submitted by some branches, some people without branches in excess of 4,000 voted and strange branch known as Diasporan Branch shown on the list. Not mentioning the margin of lead principle being infracted upon by Mr Usoro appointed ECNBA to attain a pre-dermtermined result. . .

7) Hypocritically the said Mr. Olumide Akpata preaches unity in NBA and practises the exact opposite.

In the circumstances of these Exigencies learned authors have stated that there being a vacuum in NBA because a man who had no mandate ie Usoro, cannot confer mandate on another.


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