All those thugs who allegedly attacked Igbo traders at Oshodi market are dumb and stupid. They fell for the provocative propaganda of some irritants who claimed Igbo control half of Lagos and thought the Igbo sabotaged APC’s interest in the state.
This is far from the truth. How will they explain the performance of PDP in Osun, Ondo and Oyo? Are those the works of Igbo too? A lot of people including many Yoruba voted PDP for various reasons: as protection against the perceived overbearing influence of the governors in their states – some governors are still naive about local politics. It would be dangerous to dismiss this concern however foolish it may appear a some are ready to cut their nose to spite their face. All humans have ego.
Another point to note is the carelessness and readiness of some leaders, especially Tinubu. I was almost lynched when I wrote few months ago about his flippant attitude and that he is overrated. People rained insults at me. A particular example is the disgraceful handling of the Ambode issue and I started that if Ambode had decmaped to PDP under the pretext of resisting godfatherism in Lagos, he woukd have won. As expected, a lot of Tinubu lovers said I don’t know the politics of Lagos.
During the Osun elections, I linked the Tinubu factor as part of the reasons, though not the main reason for the poor performance. How can you go to a state on a campaign trip only to tell them ”you guys don’t have my money”; more like, I am richer than your state. There candidate was seen as Tinubu’s stooge and the insensitive egoistic Tinubu did not disappoint. Many people blamed the poor performance on Aregbe’s civil servant salary problem and they told us the presidential elections would be different. But, the results in Osun proved otherwise.
The same Tinubu behaved like some Roman potentate in a state with lots of educated people. APC promoted thugs and Charlatans like Oluomo were given open platform. Someone who sing for supper – Wasiu was allowed to insult a well-educated governor. Lastly during an election the insensitive Tinubu who could not exercise restraint that the successful are envied and that the most dangerous people are sychopants chose to allow bullion van allegedly containing money to enter his compound in broad daylight and when questioned on live TV, He responded ”what can anyone do? Is it not my money?” thereby authenticating the fear that he was trying to buy votes.
The gap in the last election in Lagos is a disgrace to Tinubu. Some of his accolytes who equate him with Awolowo – a claim that I find sacrilegious must have learnt a thing or two.
PDP has no structure in Lagos; they did to even do any serious campaign in the state, yet they pulled serious weight. APC need to refine their tactics before the next gubernatorial election to avoid a huge shock.
Lastly, I will want to warn our people from the other side of the Niger to watch their provocative utterances. It can get a lot of people killed. A lot of people voted against APC and their are lots of Yoruba people who don’t like APC but they rarely make noise about it. There are hundreds of ethnic groups in Lagos including those from the north central, south south and even south west who do not like APC but they don’t go about saying ”they own half of Lagos” and that they will use their ethnicity to deal with indigenous Yoruba people.
Discretion is powerful and never give what you cannot accept. Isolating yourself through empty bragging will only get you into trouble. I even saw some people on IPOB Facebook page asking Igbo in Lagos to fight the coward Yoruba in Lagos. I find that stupid because that would be disastrous and the number will not favour the poor hustling Igbo on the streets of Lagos. How many Yoruba own houses, shops, hawk wares in any south-east state? Other non-Igbo ethnic groups will also be victims because to an average Yoruba, of you are not Hausa and Yoruba, you are Igbo or Hausa. They even call Isoko, Edo, Ijaw, Ibibio people – ”Omo Ibo” meaning ”Igbo people”. The quality would be grave beyond comprehension.
We have all have rights to support any candidate that we want for whatever reasons including personal or ethnic interests. But we have to be tactically with our approach. I cannot go to Anambra and start telling folks down their that Yoruba people are better than Igbo and that we shall frustrate their Atiku/Obj agenda and expect the people on the streets to treat me kindly.
Elections are over, lessons have been learnt openly. It’s time to move on peacefully


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