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His Excellency,


President Muhammadu Buhari,



Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Aso Rock Villa,



Dear Sir,


We wish to draw your attention to a thickening plot by certain individuals within the hierarchy of your party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) to thwart your nomination of Dr. Muiz Banire to the Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) whose confirmation is pending before the National Assembly

Sir, we wish to state here before proceeding that this plot to deny Dr. Muiz Banire the well-deserved appointment for which you nominated him based on his experience and track records if allowed to succeed would not only have negative impact on the party towards 2019 General elections as it may leave the party in disarray, it would also pose a challenge to your leadership as one built on justice, fairness, probity and equity; and the father figure image you have labored to build through years of truthfulness and hard work would also be called to question.

For the record Sir, we are a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to the promotion and defense of human rights across all strata of society, and our track records and engagements speak for us. Being non-partisan, HURMA expects nothing from any player in the Nigerian polity in terms of personal or group gains except the delivery of the dividends of democracy which can only come with the proper and prudent utilization of the nation’s resources for the benefits of the citizens which in your capacity as the President you have demonstrated since berthing the new philosophy of probity, accountability and zero tolerance for corruption in our body polity.

We are pained to learn that despite going the extra miles in attempts to restore the glory and dignity of our nation through sourcing for competent hands to assist you in delivering on your vision of a greater Nigeria, some within your party have decided to act as cogs in the wheel of progress by surreptitiously attempting to subject and subjugate the overall interest of the country to their narrow and selfish ones. This is why the plot to thwart Dr. Muiz Banire’s appointment must be forestalled at all cost by you

Your Excellency Sir, in our study of your choices of ministers, staff, and aides, we have seen a very good sense of judgment devoid of sentiments and how that has rubbed off well on some of the nation’s critical areas: is it your choice of the JAMB registrar; the education Minister; the TETFUND boss; the Customs Comptroller; the Finance, Works, Power and Housing Ministers? All of these and others have demonstrated capacity and ability to drive your vision of a new Nigeria

You will recall Sir, the intrigues that played out during your nomination of the current Minister of Works, Power and Housing which was nearly scuttled by this same implacable vested interests. The same plot is being hatched now to prevent the appointment of one of the nation’s best brains to a task that he is cut out for.

Sir, we implore you to use all authority vested in you as the Commander-In-Chief of the Nation to nip this plot in the bud. Dr. Banire needs no introduction as an achiever and a dogged public officer who prioritizes public interest over and above personal cravings. As a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Dr. Banire will add another strength to the capacity of the APC to deliver on its electoral promises.

We are also concerned that the true idea of party supremacy which the new National Chairman of the party is bringing to the table could be dead on arrival if for upward mobility by any of the party’s stalwart and members the ego of just an individual must be appeased at all time. While we recognize the roles that certain individuals must have played in putting together the winning team that APC has become, we warn that caution must be exercised when dealing with the internal affairs of the party so that internal democracy upon which rests the strength of any party would be preserved as Dr. Banire has been on sufferance to echo

Finally, Sir, we would like to point out that this case is already being viewed as a litmus test for the survival of the party going forward. We therefore urge you not to leave this particular stone unturned in your quest to evolve a new era for our polity and bequeath a strong, lasting political legacy to the future. We count on your support to help uphold justice and herald that future in our polity where individual citizens are free to act as freeborn rather than having their aspiration tied to the desires of cult-like individuals who use political power as tools of subjugation and thereby accentuate political corruption in our system

We thank you for the audience

Yours’ faithfully


Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak

Executive Director

Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA)


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